A decade of Cosplay
To call them an attraction would be a dire understatement, as it seems no pop culture event today would be complete without them. 

They draw the most attention just by standing around or walking around the venue without even saying a single word. 

They are the Cosplayers. The literal personification of the characters we all watch and read about, and on October 2 and 3, their biggest gathering will happen at the SMX Convention Center., the largest cosplay organization in the country, celebrates its 10th year with Cosplay Mania X: A Decade of Philippine Cosplay. In addition to holding the first-ever nationwide Cosplay Competition, international cosplayers and exhibitors will also be present to commemorate this historic event. 

“We want the international cosplay community to notice the Philippines and the regional cosplay communities to see us as a great place for cosplay,” said Pablo Bairan, organizer and President of Cosplay.Ph,

Starting early July 2010, traveled all over the country to conduct regional qualifiers for the first ever Cosplay Tournament of Champions. Competitions were held in Cagayan de Oro, Baguio, Pampanga, Cebu, Davao and Manila to select the best cosplayers that will vie for the title of National Cosplay Champion.

Aside from the tournament, will also be releasing the first cosplay theme song, a photo book entitled the Cosplay Snapshots Project and the Cos|Phone, the first mobile phone designed specifically for Cosplayers. According to the organizers, both the CosPhone and photo book will be available only at the event and in very limited quantity. 

Cosplay Mania has been famous for providing unique and exciting cosplay-themed contests and activities such as; Project Cosplay, a runway cosplay competition; a Costume Building Contest which is an intense five-hour on-the-spot costume-making contest; Lights, Camera! Cosplay! A cosplay video contest; cosplay workshops, snapshots and the Filcosplay Banner Contest. This year they are introducing the Team Cosplay Checkmate, where a giant chessboard will be the battlefield for teams of cosplayers.

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