Continuing the smell of success: Mia Maison adds more digital distribution channels

Like all feel good stories, the tale of Mia Maison Fragrances started at home.

Right at the then-backyard of founder Shirley L. Reyes, various fragrances and scents were being crafted and mixed to be shipped to various department stores across the metro. It wasn’t until 2006 when Mia Maison formally was formed and opened its first kiosk in Glorietta. Now, almost 14 years after, what started out as a start-up mom’s dream is now the leading local brand in home fragrances.

But just like most businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges to the thriving business, but as the brand believes; Selling fragrance online is not easy, it’s necessary!

Remember the times when you could freely walk the mall without the need for masks and face shields? How your olfactory senses are subjected to an amusement of smells and fragrances that linger through your strolls?

And how you will eventually find yourself standing in front of a Mia Maison Home Fragrances store that diffuses their Signature Scents and help freshen the area of said mall.

Those days are gone–for now everyone is encouraged to stay at home, and businesses have suffered across various industries.

Mia Maison was not spared. Amidst mall closures and a sharp decline in sales for months due to lack of any and all foot traffic, a primary driver of Mia Maison customers, Mia Maison Home Fragrance knew it had to drastically shift its business practices if it wants to weather this pandemic.

“There are two things that came to mind at the time of the lockdown, one is uncertainty of whether things can go back to the way they were, and two is how can we sustain the business and our workforce while we’re all working from home?”, says Ms. Shirley L. Reyes, Founder and CEO of Mia Maison Home Fragrances.

 By the end of March, Mia Maison has quickly transitioned its business online. While Mia Maison has been taking orders online via their Facebook page, partnering with various online shops like Lazada, Shopee, and GrabMart enabled them to scale their digital sales tenfold. However, it wasn’t as easy as flipping a switch.

“We knew we had to go digital even before the lockdown happened. It’s just, the pandemic forced us to fast-track our efforts to ensure the business stays afloat. From being a supplementary arm of our cashflow, digital sales now IS our main revenue driver and therefore we had to train our sales personnel, sales and marketing team to put almost all their efforts in bolstering our online efforts and processes,” added Reyes. “This means the management had to really understand the various digital platforms and channels. This includes adding more payment channels such as credit card and cashless payment systems like PayMaya.”

Mia Maison committed themselves in ensuring optimal levels of safety to ensure that you can get your favorite Mia Maison Home Fragrance products without worrying about your health. Constant sanitation and sterilization, proper social distancing in production, safety procedures, and creating opportunities for cashless transaction and online deliveries are all part of Mia Maison’s effort in contributing to the on-going attempt to flatten the curve.

 “At Mia Maison, we understand that health and safety are paramount, which is why, aside from constant sanitation, we also developed products that could help alleviate anxiety within our homes. We just launched our Mia Maison Clean Essentials Linen & Room Spray that can kill various germs, mildews and viruses keeping your household clean, fresh and worry-free”, adds Ms. Shirley.

To ensure the product’s effectiveness, it is best to transact with Official Mia Maison Online Stores like those found in Lazada and Shopee. There are also quality markings found on each Mia Maison packaging to ensure that you get the absolute best for your family. Look for the stylized logo of Mia Maison on every product you receive, with a clean font that properly spells out the product name and its descriptor, as well as a properly placed label. Each bottle of Mia Maison Home Fragrances includes 14- years’ worth of product perfection that started out in the backyard of Ms. Shirley Lucas Reyes. If you have any doubt or concerns about a particular Mia Maison product, you may get in touch with Mia Maison via their Official Facebook Page.

Understanding that quality service is also needed in these times, Mia Maison created a Customer Service Group (CSG) that oversees all online & offline product inquiries and availability. The CSG caters to product usage and troubleshooting.

From a backyard business supplying aromatherapy oils, diffusers, and candles, Mia Maison is now the leading name in the local Home Fragrance Market – an industry that they helped build up.

“Now, more than ever, maintaining a healthy home air care is more absolutely necessary. We understand that there is a major shift of people staying indoors now and we probably won’t be going back to the way things were until next year or even beyond, so creating safe spaces at home is the best thing we can do and at Mia Maison, we are super passionate about this. Hopefully, with a bit more patience, perseverance and our loved ones cozying up safe in our respected living spaces, we can weather this pandemic together.”

For more info on Mia Maison please visit their Official Facebook Page at: and their online stores at Lazada Ph – Shopee Ph –

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