Canon redefines fun with the intuitive IXUS 170 and IXUS 160

Canon launches two new models in the IXUS range – IXUS 170 and IXUS 160 – targeted at consumers who desire a reliable, intuitive, point and shoot camera with superb quality image to capture daily moments.

The new IXUS 170 and IXUS 160 feature high resolution of 20.0 megapixel CCD at a competitive price point. Exuding the IXUS signature style of elegance in simplicity, the new cameras are thoughtfully designed in sleek and streamlined form factor. With ZoomPlus technology, an intuitive imaging technology unique to Canon which dramatically doubles the zoom range in both cameras, the IXUS 170 and 160 with optical zooms of 12x and 8x respectively, will now be able to achieve a zoom range of up to 24x and 16x respectively. Intuitive features such as Intelligent Image Stabilization (IS) on the IXUS 170 and Smart Auto also enhance the fun and user-friendly experience, making photography a joy to rediscover.silver IXUS 170

“The new IXUS 170 and IXUS 160 were manufactured in line with the IXUS brand of providing images of remarkable quality at great value for the everyday user,” said Vinchy Sanchez, director for the Consumer Group, Canon Marketing (Phils.) Inc. “With intuitive features, users can expect a compact camera that delivers high image quality and usability.’’

Outstanding image quality accessible to all
Powered by Canon’s DIGIC 4+ image processor, the 20.0 megapixels 1/2.3-type CCD sensor on both cameras will produce high-resolution images, even where cropping is required. In addition, both cameras are capable of producing HD movie of high clarity in high definition resolution at a cinematic frame rate of 25p (frames per second).

Encased within attractive and slim designs, the IXUS 170 has a 12x zoom lens with a 25-300mm range while the IXUS 160 features an 8x zoom lens with a range of 28-224mm. The IXUS 170 is versatile for wide group shots and close-ups of distant subjects. Despite the wide range of the zoom lens, the IXUS 170 is cleverly designed into a compact body, making it lightweight and conveniently pocket-sized.

Both cameras make use of Canon’s ZoomPlus technology – a technique that effectively doubles the zoom distance of the cameras with almost no loss in image quality. With ZoomPlus, the IXUS 170 and IXUS 160 can achieve 24x zoom and 16x zoom respectively.

Seamless operations for simple joy in photography
Consumers who enjoy taking pictures with minimal tweaking of settings will be able to trust in the camera’s technology to detect the optimal settings, the ease in operation to simply point and shoot is IXUS 160

Understanding the needs of this group of photographers, the IXUS 170 and IXUS 160 are designed to be intuitive and straightforward to use.
The IXUS 170 is also equipped with the Intelligent IS technology, which instinctively corrects incidental movement while shooting to ensure image clarity.
The environment of the framed scene such as brightness, colors, depth etc. will be automatically analyzed with Smart Auto technology. Settings will then be adjusted to optimal levels to achieve the best image output. For example, when taking a shot of the sunset, the camera will emphasize the warm amber hue of the sky so subjects in the picture will be evenly exposed.
Colors to suit your personality
The IXUS 170 will be available in Black, Silver and Blue, while the IXUS 160 will feature in Black, White and Red.
Both models will be available in the market on mid-February 2015

Product Specifications
IXUS 170

blue IXUS 170Dimensions: Approx. 99.6 x 57.6 x 22.6mm
Weight: Approx. 141g (CIPA Compliant)
Lens: 12x optical zoom IS (24x ZoomPlus)
Focal length: 25-300mm (35mm equivalent)
Aperture: f/3.6-f/7.0
Image sensor: 20.0 mega-pixel 1/2.3 type CCD sensor
Imaging processor: DIGIC 4+
Maximum video quality: HD (1280x x720) at 25 fps
LCD: 2.7” (approx. 230,000 dots)
Connectivity: USB
Battery type: NB-11LH

IXUS 160
Dimensions: Approx. 95.2 x 54.3 22.1m
Weight: Approx. 127g (CIPA compliant)
Lens: 8x optical zoom (16x ZoomPlus)
Focal length: 28-224mm (35mm equivalent)
Aperture: f/3.2-f/6.9
Image sensor: 20.0 mega-pixel 1/2.3 type CCD sensor
Imaging processor: DIGIC 4+
Maximum video quality: HD (1280x x720) at 25 fps
LCD: 2.7” (approx. 230,000 dots)
Connectivity: USBBattery type: NB-11L


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