Burlesque wins best song at Globes

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The movie Burlesque won the Best Original Theme Song for “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me,”  at the recently held Golden Globes.  The song was performed in the film by Cher and written by acclaimed composer Diane Warren. 
Among Warren’s famous songs are Tell Me Where it Hurts, Unbreak my heart, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, and I Don’t Want to be your Friend which she wrote for Nina. 
Indeed, it was Cher herself that inspired the ballad, reveals Warren.  “Cher is, as everybody knows, is a badass,” says Warren, who’s composed for the singer before. “She’s tough, she keeps going. I wanted to write a song that could be her statement not only as her character in the movie but her statement as who she is and all the s–t she’s gone through.”
Burlesque stars Christina Aguilera as a young Hollywood hopeful looking to impress a nightclub impresario played by Cher.

Another song from “Burlesque” – “Bound to You” written and performed by Christina Aguilera – was nominated for a Golden Globe.  Both tunes are in the short list of possible nominees for the upcoming Academy Awards.
“You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” leads the songs in the film’s soundtrack album, and is joined by another Cher number, “Welcome to Burlesque,” as well as eight new Aguilera cuts, including covers of two Etta James songs the singer says she “grew up singing all alone in my bedroom with the door closed.” Among the writers and producers featured on the album are Tricky Stewart, Ron Fair, Linda Perry and Aguilera herself.
“I wrote synopses of what the songs should be about before anyone else came onboard,” says “Burlesque” director Steve Antin. “That’s how I sold the movie.” Once the film was in production, Antin and music supervisor Buck Damon solicited songwriting submissions from “some really, really impressive people,” Antin says. “Christina said to me, ‘Can I try?’ and I said, ‘Sure, throw your hat in the ring. The best song wins.’ She was down for it.”

Burlesque also stars Kristen Bell as star dancer Nikki, whose attitude and self-destructiveness turn the backstage into drama-filled turmoil.

“I don’t think you can ever come into a part that is seemingly the antagonist and, as the actor, believe that they’re bad,” Bell says of her character.  “You have to look for the reasons why Nikki thinks what she’s doing is right.  She’s just more entitled than everyone else.  She’s had it easy, she’s also worked very hard to get where she is, and she’s going to defend her territory.  Nikki doesn’t think she’s bitchy.  She thinks she’s trying to cope with everyone around her.”

Much of Nikki’s protectiveness and insecurity is wrapped up in her relationship with Tess (Cher), the owner of the  Burlesque Lounge.  Bell explains: “Nikki admires Tess so much.  Tess is this beautiful, gorgeous, talented woman who owns this club and who gave Nikki her start.  She allowed Nikki to dance, and they have been friends for a long, long time.  When Ali (Christina Aguilera) weasels her way into the relationship and Nikki’s no longer the favorite, it really makes her angry.”

Bell held her own with Aguilera and the team of seasoned dancers.  “They danced with Michael Jackson and they dance with Beyoncé.  These girls are the best of the best.  You would think that it might be a giant catfight with this many women, but it’s not.  It’s such a supportive environment.  I’m very much trying to keep up with them in the dance department.  I can pull one aside and say, ‘Can you show me that step again?’  They’re ready and willing to make it the best it can be,” Bell says.

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