Bring out the Smiles from Mister Donut’s new goodies

Mister Donut held a block screening of the superhero movie Wolverine at the SM Megamall recently, and as an added treat, they also gave us the chance to taste some of their new treats that are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

The smallest of gestures can bring the biggest smiles. And with all the new goodies from Mister Donut, there’s always a way to end the day on a high note.

For starters, grab a Bread Roll and make the most important meal of the day your happiest. Soft and
delectable rolls of bread, bursting with Cheese, Choco Fudge, or Pastel filling, easy enough to take along with you when in a rush. And with its 3-day shelf life, you can stock up on these babies and make sure to feign off hunger throughout the day. Something chocolatey, something sweet and creamy, something sweet and salty; at P15 each, you can have them all!

Your daughter aced an exam? Your preschooler packed away all her toys by herself? Rewards need to be given to reinforce good habits but can be impractical and expensive. It’s all win-win with Donut Pop and Bugsies, kid-size donuts topped with chocolate and crystal sprinkles. Something sparkly to make your kids squeal in delight for only P5 and P15, respectively. What a treat!

End the day with even more love overflowing from the new Triple Double Bavarian. Chocolate donut dusted with chocolate powder and filled with chocolate plus either strawberry, classic bavarian, coffee bavarian, or caramel bavarian. This overload of goodness is impossible to resist and of course, tamang tama pa rin ang tamis. Bring home a special pasalubong to share today.

And to make sure your kids remain up to date with all the fun things at Mister Donut, sign them up for Mister Donut Kidster Club! Open to all kids from (please insert age), just ask for a Kidster Club membership form with your P100 purchase of Kidster Products and start enjoying special promos, quarterly newsletters, an exclusive membership card, and even get to receive a gift on your birthday, all for free. Keep them up to date with all the good things from your favorite source of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Hurry and rush to your favorite Mister Donut shop and join in the fun!


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