An exciting summer adventure awaits aboard Superstar Virgo

When people talk of Japan the most common destinations you’d probably hear are Tokyo, Osaka, maybe even Sapporo (thanks to that movie Kita Kita), just like how most people would mention Taipei, Taichung or Kaohsiung when they visit Taiwan.

So if you’ve been there and done pretty much what you want in those aforementioned cities, but are still looking for a reason to go back and explore a different part of Japan and Taiwan, you might want to consider joining a cruise this time around.

Yup. Instead of enduring the stress of congested airports and flying why not go for a more relaxing cruise this summer?

Cruising, wherein one takes a luxurious trip by boat to pre-determined destinations, brings about more than just another experience it gives a whole new perspective on places that may have been deemed too familiar.

This year, Star Cruises’ SuperStar Virgo will be making Manila her homeport from March to May and will be giving Filipinos a Visa-free “Sensational Summer Getaway” to discover the new sides of Japan and Taiwan.

Take a stroll or bask in the sun at the tropical beaches of lshigaki and enjoy the year-round summer in Naha two places which are not the usual sights you see in the photos of Okinawa Japan. Considered by most locals as “the most beautiful place in Japan”, the island city of lshigaki is slowly becoming a tourist hotspot because of its lush palm tree forests, pineapple plantations, and tropical vistas. Unlike its more popular counterparts Tokyo and Osaka, lshigaki exudes a more relaxed vibe and has a more tropical climate. It also boasts of pristine white sand beaches, and warm azure Pacific waters pictures that one doesn’t really associate with Japan.

Another stop in southern Japan is renowned for its sub-tropical climate that showcases a different view of Japanese culture with Naha in the Okinawa Prefecture. Bright neon lights light up the main thoroughfares, while Shinto shrines and wide parks bring a quiet respite. Tourists can shop, dine, and even be pleasantly surprised along the famous stretch of Kokusaidori, the main shopping and entertainment street lined by souvenir shops, jewelry stores, cafes, restaurants, and bars, while being serenaded by a uniquely island-sounding and soothing Okinawan music playing in the background.

Keelung, on the other hand, is a city in northern Taiwan that boasts of an urban area and exquisite geologic landscapes. lts surrounding mountains have been home to mining towns for decades and have become tourist attractions that accord a sneak peek into the local lives and

culture. Also famous for its sheltered harbour, street-food stalls offering traditional snacks and fresh seafood line up the street during the Miaokou Night Market. It also features several forts the Ershawan Fort, Gongzi Liao Fort, and the Daulun Fort.

But besides getting to explore these places, cruising itself is a totally different adventure. There is definitely more to cruising than just being on a cruise ship that can rival the best five-star hotels. It brings people to places that have yet to be discovered and enjoyed, without any lag time, unlike other modes of travel.

When Cruising, your vacation starts the moment one enters the ship.

There’s also a lot of activities you can do enroute to your next destination from participating in  various arts and crafts classes, music and dance activities, special behind the scenes tours, and fun, round the clock parties just to name a few. For those into live performances, the Zodiac Theatre also features nightly shows and even movies for those who just want to relax and enjoy a good film. You might even want to try your luck at the casino!

With Star Cruises’ SuperStar Virgo, the 5-day cruise brings its guests to new destinations in specially-curated themed cruises. The themes starting this summer includes: Basketball Legends High Seas Tour featuring Alvin Patrimonio, Johnny Abarrientos, Benjie Paras, and Jerry Codinera on a Holy Week cruise on March 30; a Labor Day Party Cruise headlined by top Filipino DJs: Patty Tiu and Tom Taus on April 29; and a Mother’s Day Concert Cruise with Daryl Ong on May 9.

Check out our photos from our High Seas Trip:

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