AirAsia announces live call and refund tracking features on its Super App and website

AirAsia, Asia’s leading low-cost carrier, announced that it has launched a new live call feature to address urgent customer needs, in response to requests for real-time call assistance. The feature allows guests to speak directly on a call with a human agent during their Ask Bo Live Chat interaction for immediate resolutions.

The option to connect to a call will become available to guests at the end of their chatbot interactions if the situation is identified as urgent or critical, such as flights departing within 24 hours or sudden changes in travel plans due to medical reasons or emergencies. For general inquiries and non-urgent issues, AirAsia encourages its guests to use the self-service tools and Live Chat assistance available on its Super App and AI-powered chatbot, Ask Bo. 

Along with the call feature, AirAsia also has made a new refund tracking feature available on its Super App and website. Guests can now click on the ‘My Cases’ tab and enter their case number to get a moredetailed status on their refunds. 

Kesavan Sivanandam, Chief Airport and Customer Experience Officer, AirAsia Aviation Group said, “As a progressive and guest-focused airline, we listen to the feedback received from our guests. The enhancements introduced are part of an exciting line of features, tools, and applications AirAsia plans to release over time. This will allow complete transparency as well as clarity to the guests and will assuage their concerns if any. Our live agents are trained to handle urgent situations and provide personalized assistance.” 

He added, “As for the refund tracking feature, we have made the process easier and more transparent for our guests. We acknowledge that there are guests who are frustrated with the lack of visibility in our refund process. We aim to put our guests at ease and give them peace of mind.”The service will be available in English, Bahasa Melayu, Chinese, Thai, and Bahasa Indonesia. More languages will be added in the future including Tagalog.

Capital A recently renewed its commitment to provide a more proactive, attentive, and hassle-free customer experience to all guests within its lines of business. The enhancements also align with its pledge to become the industry’s most communicative and responsive brand.

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