A United Front: Ariel Querubin’s Senate Endorsement Garners Support Across Eras

“In the heart of every soldier lies the spirit of unity that binds a nation together.”

This powerful sentiment encapsulates the essence of true patriotism and the unbreakable bond that soldiers share with their country and each other. It is this spirit of unity that shines brightly in the life and career of Col. Ariel Querubin, a man whose extraordinary bravery and unwavering dedication to the Philippines have earned him the highest military honors and the profound respect of his peers.

Querubin’s decision to run for the Senate is not just a personal commitment to public service, but a call to the nation to rally together, transcending political divides and working towards a shared vision of prosperity, security, and national pride.

In a historic display of unity, a distinguished group of former Chiefs of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP), spanning administrations from Arroyo to Marcos Jr., came together to endorse Ariel Querubin’s candidacy for the Senate. Close to two thousand ex-generals, officers, and personnel joined the gathering at Club Filipino on July 8, underscoring Querubin’s broad-based appeal and the profound respect he commands across political divides.

Ariel Querubin, a retired colonel and the most decorated soldier in Philippine history, is widely celebrated for his unparalleled bravery and unwavering commitment to public service. As a Medal of Valor recipient, the highest military honor in the Philippines, Querubin’s distinguished military career and steadfast dedication to the nation make him a formidable candidate for the Senate. His candidacy is seen as a beacon of hope capable of bridging diverse political perspectives and fostering national unity.

A Speech that Resonates with History and Hope

During his speech at the event, Querubin acknowledged the historical significance of Club Filipino, a venue that has witnessed numerous transformative moments in the nation’s history. Reflecting on the diverse political journeys of those present, Querubin highlighted key events such as Martial Law, the EDSA revolutions, various coups, and the presidencies from Marcos Sr. to Marcos Jr.

“Truth be told, all of us here stood on different sides in many pivotal moments of our nation’s history,” Querubin remarked. “And yet, we gather here today not as allies of the many political factions but as brothers in arms who have once and always will put our lives for our children, families, and fellow Filipinos. We stand united in our service to the Philippines, in our service to God.”

Querubin’s acceptance of the challenge to serve the nation again by running for the Senate in 2025 comes at a critical time. He highlighted the urgent need to tackle corruption, poverty, and inflation, stressing that addressing these issues is paramount to the country’s future stability and prosperity.

Addressing National Security and Sovereignty

A significant part of Querubin’s speech focused on national security and sovereignty. He articulated the critical need to defend the country’s sovereignty against internal and external threats, with particular emphasis on the West Philippine Sea.

“We find ourselves at a crossroads,” Querubin stated. “The bullying in the West Philippine Sea threatens our sovereignty, while the proliferation of illegal POGOs brings social issues that affect our communities. And the call for the modernization of our military—to secure our nation and uphold our sovereignty with the respect it deserves—is nothing short of urgent and vital for our survival as a free nation.”

Querubin’s commitment to strengthening the military and enhancing national defense capabilities resonates strongly with his supporters, particularly those from the military and police sectors. His call for modernization and strategic defense reforms reflects a vision for a robust and secure Philippines.

Fostering Patriotism and National Unity

Querubin also emphasized the importance of fostering a collective spirit of patriotism and sacrifice among Filipinos. His vision for the nation is one of unity and shared purpose, where citizens are ready to defend their country and uphold its values.

“My vision is a nation of heroes. Isang bayang handang magsakripisyo at kayang ipaglaban ang Pilipino mula sa mga mang-aapi,” he declared, inspiring a sense of duty and pride among his audience.

Ariel Querubin’s Senate candidacy is marked by a unique blend of military valor, a deep sense of national duty, and an unwavering commitment to public service. The broad-based support from former military and police leaders across various administrations underscores the trust and respect he has earned over his illustrious career.

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