A Unique Valentine Movie

Ghosts, Dolphins, Zombies, and the Apocalypse in a Valentine movie?

The Philippine Valentine Box-Office King, Richard Gutierrez keeps his reign in his February movie, “My Valentine Girls”.Richard does not only prove that his charm makes people crowd the theaters; he also impresses critics with his capacity as an actor in this trilogy.

Richard has probably played all kinds of roles in his Valentine hits. He had been an intelligent janitor in “Let The Love Begin”, a cocky playboy in “My BFGF” and a cargo plane pilot in “When I Met U” among others. All five of Richard’s previous Valentine movies were received with tremendous support, whomever he was teamed up with.
My Valentine Girls, however, testifies to Richard’s fearless imagination, strength, dedication and versatility as an actor. His four roles (a novelist, a taxi driver, a public attorney and an electronics engineer) each has its own personality and motivations.

The main story introduces Richard as a novelist named Arvin, who struggles to write his next book of three love stories. He seeks for an “inspiration” to write with the help of his creative and bubbly sister Mayi, played by child wonder Jillian Ward.

Movie goers then meet Richard in “Soulmates” as Oslec, a taxi triver who later becomes a ghost and lover to Rhian Ramos’ character, Aia. Oslec works too hard to provide for his family that he often forgets what really matters in life – being with loved ones. He only realizes this when all chances seem gone.
As a public attorney whose name is Zach, Richard takes on the role of a best friend-slash-lover to Andie (Solenn Heussaff) in “BBFF”. Most of the time, Zach does what is expected of him and not what he really wants to do. For instance, his father convinces him to work for a law firm although he likes to serve as a public attorney. He also respects Andie’s request not to take their relationship beyond friendship.

In “Gunaw”, Richard plays as Aidan, an electronics engineer who is in search for fellow survivors after a worldwide catastrophe. His serious wanderings and zombie fights turn to crazy arguments and wacky adventures when he met Ivy (Eugene Domingo), the Eve of his Garden of Eden made of the remains of a destroyed world.

Richard’s diligence, proper work attitude, plus his tried and tested formula of princely charm and superb acting ability, make this movie a testimony of his reign as the king of Valentine movies.
My Valentine Girls, under GMA Films and Regal Entertainment Inc, opens in theaters on February 9, 2011.

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