A Bro to Bro Grooming Session by Watsons

There was a time, not too long ago when people confused grooming for vanity and the more concerned you are about looking good the more they doubted your masculinity–there was even this joke about the “MetroSexual Man” na isang metro na lang bading na (or one meter away from being gay.)

Its a good thing that men nowadays are not being judged based on their grooming habits. Now, if you want to do good–you also have to look good.

And that isn’t just for attracting hot women, but also sound advice when applying for a job, closing a business deal and just about every other type of interaction with others.

To help the average man get to the next level of grooming, Watsons initiated the first ever “Bro Bootcamp,” a crash course to teach the guys how to master personal care. From basic cleansing training, to showering, shaving and scent, all the way up to moisturizing, the guys got the lowdown on upping their grooming games.

Here are some tips from our fellow Bros, Keifer Ravena, Robi Domingo, John James Uy and David Guison.


1. Dress for Success. Robi Domingo admits he is one of the simplest and cheapest guys you will ever meet but you wont know that simply by looking at him. Always impeccably and fashionably dressed, Robi’s become one of the most sought after host and that isn’t just because of his wit and talent.

“We are expected to live an ideal life, so arm yourself with the ideal tools that you need to reach for success If you want success, you have to look the part. Whether it be attending interviews or commuting to and from work, always be confident and be presentable. You never know who you’ll meet or what opportunities you’ll come across, so it’s definitely a plus to be prepared!

2. Take a Bath. Okay so we Filipinos are known for our hygiene and that’s because we take a bath at least once a day.  Have a cold shower not only to relieve yourself of the heat but also to rid yourself of all the dirt, smell and pollution you bring home everyday. Remember no one will smell your expensive perfume if you still reek of one day old sweat.

“Cleansing preps the whole grooming process,” says the TV host.  “Shower once or twice a day and don’t forget to wash your face. Taking good care of your face and your body will lead to a good-smelling you, earns you a lot of pogi points during close encounters which, of course, is always a turn on.

3. Go for the smooth clean shave. “No shave November” is still months away so unless you are trying to get a head start, go for that suave look and manage your facial fuzz.

Facial hair of any length needs to be tamed and maintained if you want to be taken seriously.

“Good grooming speaks volumes about a man, it develops confidence and adds that much needed boost we need to accomplish the many different things they need to do in a day,” says Keifer Ravena” began.

“The first tip is to wash your face using warm water for up to three minutes to remove dead skin and avoid nicks and cuts. Then make sure you use shaving gel to prevent razor burn. Let soak for a minute if you have sensitive skin. Choose a multi-blade razor like the Gillette Mach 3 for a smooth and incredibly close shave. The first blade not only cuts the hair, but it also lifts it out of the skin for the next blades to cut progressively closer, enabling fewer strokes and leaving a closer shave with less irritation. Remember not to press hard as a good razor will do the work then rinse with cold water before finishing off with a splash of moisturizing aftershave. It will make you feel great and smell even greater,” suggests Ravena.

4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Cleansing may leave your skin free from impurities, and that’s good, but sometimes this also leads to dry skin. And that’s a problem no one wants to deal with. That’s why it’s advisable to have a moisturizing product, usually in cream form, as part of your kit.

“Most men are guilty of taking for granted their skin. We tend to underestimate the power of a well-hydrated skin, says Nivea Men ambassador John James Uy.

Nivea Men is the pioneer brand when it comes to men’s grooming and the new Nivea Men Crème is the male version of the 100-year old classic Nivea Creme.

“Why do men need to moisturize? Because it can prevent the effects of damaging environmental influences and stress and to restore nutrients to the skin.”

“The Nivea Men Creme is a face moisturizer developed specifically to meet the needs of men’s skin; the light and non-greasy formula absorbs super fast and leaves nothing but well-moisturized and healthy looking skin and it comes in a fresh masculine scent.

5. Find your Signature Scent. Alcohol is not a scent unless you are going for that fresh from surgery or hospital feel. Aftershave also isn’t supposed to be loud or obvious. Rather than owning 8-10 average perfume bottles find one or two classic scents you really like and invest in them.

“A lot of guys underestimate the importance of getting that scent in check. Start with the basic deodorant, then spray on a light fragrance or cologne to complete your look, says Guison.

“Fragrances are a great, yet simple way to express yourself. Every guy has their unique personality and it’s great that Axe really helps them bring this out with their wide range of fragrances. Each one is unique, so you know that no matter what your personality is, there is a right fragrance for you.”

“We’re here to help the modern gentleman upgrade and complete his grooming regimen by arming him with the “right weaponry” – and by weaponry, we mean the essential products that cleanse, refresh, moisturize, and shave,” says Rizzalyn Tianzon, Watsons Sr. Category Manager for Men’s Grooming.

Watsons Team Raissa Lerin, Luchie Arenas, Rizzalyn Tianzon, Host Victor Anastacio, Watsons Karen Fabres, Dharell Fontanilla and Ghera Ternal

Armed with manly knowledge and a swag bag full of grooming goods from Nivea Men, Gillette, Belo Men, Axe, Pond’s Men, Old Spice, Freshman, Adidas, Watsons Men Razor, Watsons Nose Pore Strips, and Press N’ Mix Hair Color, Watsons recruits left the even fully equipped to up their grooming games. If you want to do the same, then do yourself a favor, man. Head to a Watsons and pick up some essentials from the Men’s Zone.

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