In this season of shorts, Dockers makes a call for men to ‘Wear the Pants’

AS the summer season officially starts, and as more men ready themselves for vacation mode, many are also faced with the dilemma of finding something comfortable to wear without looking like an over-aged teenager.

Let’s admit it, people have always associated comfort with wearing shorts; unfortunately not everyone—especially those above their mid-30s—can pull off the look without sacrificing a bit of their manhood.
It is for this reason that Dockers launched its “Wear the Pants” ad campaign that helps men graduate from the “shorts” and “get up and go jeans dilemma,” to a more comfortable and distinctly grown up alternative—the Dockers khaki.
The campaign celebrates the emergence of khaki as a masculine, everyday way for men to distinguish themselves. The intent of the campaign is to put forth a new definition of masculinity—one that embraces strength and sensitivity, ultimately encouraging men to again “Wear the Pants.”
During the launch held at the Manila Yacht Club on March 1, the brand proved just how much of a difference wearing a good pair of pants can do as several men from the media bravely walked the catwalk in Dockers pants, and held their own as they shared the stage with several professional models.
“The campaign aims to communicate a straight-forward, masculine and optimistic brand that will make our consumers look and feel most confident in their Dockers khaki,” explained Bobet Romualdo, Asean brand director of the clothing label. “In line with this ad campaign, we are launching the Dockers Spring/Summer 2011 collection that is an updated and decidedly masculine collection of khakis.”
The Dockers Spring/Summer collection was inspired by the neutrals of the desert and generations of take-charge men who changed the world in their khakis. According to Romualdo, this season’s line has been reworked, restyled and refinished to embrace its heritage and function yet retain a look that works for the modern man.
Fitting tribute 
The new collection features the K1 Khaki and D1 Slim Fit, giving consumers the “best range of options” when fitting into their choice of Dockers khaki.
The K1 Khaki is Dockers’ premium expression of khaki. It showcases tailoring details that include a full waistband curtain and bound set and out seams. It uses real Corozo buttons, shifted back side seam for more authenticity.
The D1 Slim Fit on the other hand is a more streamlined approached to khaki. This is a slim, tailored fit for today’s highly skilled man. It sits slightly below the waist and remains slim through the seat and thigh.
These garments employ Amhot, Byrd Cloth and Soft Khaki fabrics for the most authentic look and feel. The fabrics tie directly to the history of khaki, and also to Dockers own brand history.
Made for men
“Whether aiming to dress up or to dress down, every man needs color in his wardrobe,” Romualdo said. “For this season, Dockers takes its cues from the textured neutral base of the desert and creates a foundation of khaki accented by the crystal blue sky. It then blends in the American hues and industrial colors of farm equipment and pick-up trucks to add more color depth to the collection.
It is then finished in a range of neutrals, with fabrics that are textured and with that “lived-in” feel. Adding more range to the selection, it has industrial staining, sun-bleached, time worn, damaged and repurposed finishes. Dockers khaki is simply finished to perfection, loved and worn right from the start.
“With this new collection, we believe that the khaki category will definitely see resurgence in popularity. The introduction of new fits, color and finishes, the collection will certainly appeal to the modern man and make them fall in love with khakis again,” said Romualdo. “We are aiming to make Dockers khaki the best and most-loved khaki brand in the world, and this new collection is a clear testament to that.”
Dockers, from Levi Strauss & Co., is a leading brand of khaki garments for business and casual clothing for men introduced in 1986. It has pioneered an entirely new apparel with the introduction of khakis as an alternative to denim. The brand has since enjoyed relevant presence for more than two decades globally.
canned thoughts: The event was well attended, and although the smell of the sea mixed with the  drizzling rain wasn’t as welcoming as the venue, everyone didn’t seemed to mind.  I also ran in with two of my favorite DJs Louie D. and Raffy Reyes, from RX 93.1 and shared the table with them. We talked about stuff and i told them how i used to listened to the RX concert series (and taped several episodes)  back in college. They were surprisingly very nice guys and were very modest. They even bid me a proper goodbye before they left as if we were already good friends, unlike some of the personalities I’ve met. Too bad I forgot to ask someone to take a picture of the 3 of us.
I also had the chance to “wear the pants” and I loved the fit of Dockers . Nice pants do add a lot of instant pogi points. Note to self, sacrifice transformers this month and save up for another pair of Dockers 😀 

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