6Cyclemind V2.0 returns with Good by Sunday

6cyclemind sure have come a long way since they debuted in early 2000.

With five successful full-length albums (2003’s Permission To Shine, 2005’s Panorama, 2007’s Home and Fiesta, and 2009’s Project: 6cyclemind) and over a dozen memorable radio singles to their name including such anthems as “Biglaan,” “Sandalan,” “Magsasaya,” “Aaminin,” “Kasalanan,” and the ultimate paean to countless late night drinking sessions, “Sige,” these proven hitmakers have already cemented their place in OPM’s rich musical history.

Until the unexpected happened. Ney Dimaculangan, the lead singer of the group suddenly left the group, citing burnout. The band was caught in a dilemma, the question foremost in their mind being: should they quit or continue?

Thankfully they decided on the latter, forging onwards with drummer Tutti Caringal stepping front and center to sing.

 And it worked!

The fans welcomed the change. And the gigs kept coming, and the fresh, new incarnation of 6cyclemind was able to further endear itself to their loyal followers. But recording a new album is a different matter altogether.

Wanting to reintroduce themselves as a brand new band with a brand new sound, 6cyclemind did not want to rely on the old formulas and the usual routines. But the question is, how will they go about it?

Enter Raimund Marasigan, who, having lost the vocalist of his band Sandwich prior in a similar situation, shared the trepidation of the group. He went on to urge the band to soldier on going on to produce and play drums on the new record. And so it was that both band and producer joined forces, wasting no time working on the songs they had ready with Buddy Zabala and Jessie Grinter joining in to tackle the challenge.

According to the band, it was like going back to their first day in college, not knowing anything and being completely out of their comfort zones.  The resulting 11-track album, Good By Sunday, is a revelation. The most obvious change, of course, is the singing, but it is evident in the album’s overall sound that this is a different 6cyclemind altogether.

As Bob himself described it, Good By Sunday sounds quite unlike the 6cyclemind of old — they stepped up their game and sounded reinvigorated, more mature and confident”

“We think Good by Sunday is a good title of an album aside from the fact that it is the only English track in the album. With regards to their other album, Well Good by Sunday is totally different. This is the new 6cyclemind music. No one can duplicate the others. Every song here defines the new music of 6cyclemind.from track 1 to 11.

The rest of the band including guitarists Rye Sarmiento and Herbert Hernandez, and even songwriter/manager Darwin Hernandez couldn’t help but agree inasmuch as they deem the result a product of the band’s continued maturity and growth. It has been s a wonderful journey for the group through the years as more fans relate to their music. There is only one secret to the 6CM success and that is their fan base that continues to expand. “Basta Ikaw,” the CD’s carrier song is currently number one in MYX OPM countdown .Now, with former Protein Shake drummer Vic Aquino officially welcomed into the fold, 6cyclemind version 2.0 is ready to roll and bring their new sound and live show to wherever there’s an audience eager to experience them.

Just recently, the band signed on as brand endorsers of Suzuki in the Philippines, eager as they are to go on the road for the rest of 2012 and beyond, with over thirty live dates already scheduled in key cities and provinces throughout the country.

Truly, for 6cyclemind, the future looks only too bright.

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