After being away from the limelight for the past few months to take a much needed break, Bianca King finally met with members of the press earlier in the week to talk about her new drama series Maghihintay Pa Rin and answer questions regarding actor Dennis Trillo.
Although they never publicly admitted to being in a romantic relationship (that reportedly began while doing the soap Saint or Sinner)) rumors of a bad breakup quickly surfaced as soon as the two seemingly began avoiding each other.

The Kapuso actress, however, declined to further elaborate about the separation saying she’s already moved on and following the advice of her parents.

“Turo kasi ng nanay ko kapag wala kang magandang sasabihin ‘wag na lang magsalita and nakikinig po ako sa magulang ko,” said Bianca with a smile.

Bianca said she ‘d rather not dwell in the past or nurture her heartache deciding not to let the pain have the chance to get the best of her.

“Since the day na naging single ako, day one pa lang sabi ko I’m ready to meet other people para di ako ma-depress,” she expressed.

Bianca joked that she wanted to see what she had been missing out on since she had a “boyfriend.”
Is she ready to fall in love again?
“Oo naman! I’m ready, I’m excited to fall in love. Pero ayoko munang masyadong maging serious sa commitment ulit,” she admitted.
But when asked if she wants to be in another showbiz relationship, her quick and firm answer was; “No! Ayoko.”

“I don’t judge people naman based on their work. Siyempre mas mahalaga pa rin yung connection, yung values ng isang tao. Pero kung maaari, kapag magko-commit na ulit ako sa isang serious relationship, gusto ko sana na iba yung industriya nung tao,” the actress explained.
Bianca says she is not ashamed of her failed relationship and promised not to be secretive if she gets involved in a new romance.

“Wala namang dahilan para magtago ako. Proud ako na naging single ako. Parang I wore my heartache proud,” she remarked.

Now that she’s back, Bianca said she wants to focus on what she loves best—acting.
Bianca stars in the afternoon series Maghihintay Pa Rin with leading men Dion Ignacio and Rafael Rosell. Like her real life “less or no drama mindset,” she said that her latest role as Geneva de Villa is not like her past characters who fall victim to her respective teleseryes’ villains.
“Yung character ko rito hindi inaapi or naaapi masyado. Strong ang character ko rito. Matalino, matapang kahit sobrang bait, may compassion at madaling tumulong sa mga tao. Yung character naman ni Rafael dito siya yung nangangailangan ng tulong at ako naman ang tutulong sa kanya,” she related.
Being an afternoon soap opera, Bianca admitted is a big adjustment for her, but she felt it was the perfect project for her. She also liked the story, which for her wasn’t stereotypical even if it feels like a “Romeo and Juliet” romance.

Another cast member who is excited about the project is JC Tiuseco. Although he plays a supporting role as one of the villains in the story, JC says he is having so much fun with the role. When teased why he still hasn’t asked for a big lead role, JC replied he’s quite happy with the projects he’s been given and believes that everything will come at the proper time.

Maghihintay pa Rin, highlights the value of love and commitment despite distance and status differences. The writers of the show likewise feel that adding the OFW component in the story will make it more appealing to viewers.
Directed by Don Michael Perez from the original concept of Dode Cruz, Maghihintay Pa Rin also stars Ayen Munji-Laurel, Tanya Gomez, Diva Montelaba, Julie Lee, Lou Sison, JM Reyes, Daniella Amable and Sachi Manahan.

Maghihintay Pa Rin premieres tomorrow on GMA Afernoon Block