What kind of Tweep are you?

Because of its real time and user-friendly features, Twitter, the popular micro-blogging site has quickly captured the interest and consciousness of millions of Filipinos on cyberspace. This social media platform has transformed into a social phenomenon mainly because of its practical uses, especially in times of emergency situations. With around 10 million Pinoys occupying the Twitterverse according to social media monitor Semiocast, Twitter draws in a wide variety of users across social spectrum, each having different taste and take on how it will suit their respective lifestyles.
So, how do Pinoys make the most of Twitter? Are you the kind of tweep who loves sharing your thoughts to your followers or just use it to check out your favorite celebrity’s latest tweet? Find out which pigeonhole you fall into:
Twitter Superstar – You have a lion’s share of followers that is why you are one of the shining stars in the Twitterverse. Almost all your tweets get multiple replies in no time and even your simple ‘hi and hello’ gets hundreds of retweets.
Fanatic – Though virtually, Twitter is a perfect place for fans like you to get closer to your favorite celebrities anytime, anyplace. Say when a Twitter Superstar like Anne Curtis retweets or replies to your tweet or follows you, you can’t help but take a screen cap and you now got a new envious tweet.
Trendsetter – You are Twitter’s Isaac Newton because you exactly know the formula on setting trending topics on the site. You also love participating in hashtag games.
Breaker – You are the tweepwho has the nose for news. You love to buzz the latest scoops all the time and be the first one to know and feed something as it happens, may it be the volatile stock exchange or Maja Salvador’s love life.
Informant – Following you is insightful because you like spreading the love to your followers by sharing various content and retweeting informative tweets consistently.
Opinionated – You are an Informant who also loves retweeting any information of value but actively you let your voice be heard. You don’t like keeping your knowledge and opinion to your own and you engage in threads and answer questions when asked.
Onlooker – You check your Twitter newsfeed daily for interesting tweets of people you follow but you rarely post a tweet. You may be a casual user who logs in to Twitter every morning and evening while being stuck in your daily commute along EDSA.
Tweetaholic – Practically, Twitter is your extended home, school, or workplace. You want to share everything that’s happening in your life, from having a delicious tapsilog for breakfast to having the cutest cat in the world. You like tweeting about anything that pops into your head and Twitter’s 140 character limit may not be enough for your quips.
These are just some of the types of users out there that make Twitter an exciting and vibrant community. And whatever breed of Twitter personality you have, wireless leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) gives you another reason to love and enjoy Twitter even more! With Smart’s Free To Tweet promo, tweeps can enjoy worry-free access to Twitter at no connectivity cost.
The promo is open to all Smart and Talk N’ Text subscribers and no registration is needed to enjoy the service. Subscribers simply have to type http://m.twitter.com on their mobile browser URL and start enjoying the full Twitter experience, from tweeting updates, uploading photos, checking their feeds, following other Twitter users, and sending direct messages. To get more details about the promo and how they can avoid data charges, users can text TWITTER to 211 (for Prepaid and regular postpaid users), or to 7577 (for All-In users), or to 9990 (for Freedom users).

Go and tweet the world for free with #SmartFreeToTweet! Visit www.smart.com.ph/FreeTwitterfor more details. Promo ends on July 31, 2013.

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