vava-vroomED by Cristine Reyes Colt 45

Whether its oiling up a brand new truck or rubbing oil all over the creamy smooth skin of Cristine Reyes, Colt 45 gives you the chance to fulfill those fantasies with their new promo.

Colt 45 is giving all real men a chance to make their dreams come true with the “Colt 45 Vava-Vroom Real Man Promo.” Unlike other promotions, Colt 45 is giving one winner a chance to go on a dream date in Boracay and another winner to drive home one toughed up 4×4 truck.

Why settle for a weekend on an ordinary beach, when you can enjoy walking on the white sandy beaches of Boracay. Complete with the paraw rides, helmet dives, parasailing, souvenir shopping, and mouthwatering meals all of which you get to share with one of the country’s sexiest women– Cristine Reyes—forever backed up in full documented detail for you to post and the world to envy.

Aside from the dream date, Colt 45 is also raffling off a separate winner of a 4×4 tough truck from Ford, one of the world’s renowned makers of heavy-duty vehicles. This truck is guaranteed to give the winner a mind-blowing experience on local roads as it has been souped-up and customized by renowned 4×4 trend-setter Ramon To-Ong of 199 Off Road House.

To join, all you have to do is collect ten (10) Colt 45 silver crowns, enclose it in an envelope with a piece of paper with your name, birth date, contact number, email address, home address and signature on it and drop it at any 2Go outlet. Deadline for entries is on September 15 while the grand draw will be on September 30, 2010.

So whether it’s a date with the woman of your dreams or the prospects of winning a durable off-roader, all you have to do is continue enjoying a bottle of Colt 45, the strong beer for real men. Now, who said drinking beer doesn’t have any benefits?

I’m sure you’ve seen the controversial ads but here they are again to give you even more motivation.

i first saw cristine during one of the sorties of her ate Ara Mina in QC. It was almost midnight and it looked like she just came from a taping. Even without makeup she was radiant. Kaya nga kahit di ako umiinom ng colt 45… pinaiipon ko yung mga tansan sa mga bata 🙂 Who knows? Coz there’s something in the way she looked at me…
pansin mo?

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