“WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE TIMEZONE” Create more fun memories at the BIGGER and BETTER TIMEZONE U.P. Town Center

“Echoing that timeless sentiment from the movie Casablanca—’We’ll always have Paris’—for my 6-year-old nephew Tomi and me, it’s– “We’ll always have Timezone.”

I never saw the point of arcades until I went there with my nephews Calvin and Tomi, and they made me realize that it’s not about winning tickets and redeeming prizes but just the joy of playing the games and enjoying the moment.

On my way to the TIMEZONE UP Town Center opening, I facetimed Tomi to tell him about the event and I asked him if he remembers the last time we went to TIMEZONE.

He said yes, recalling how we won several stuffed toys including the biggest crocodile plush and filled our bucket with tickets! I think we won 11,000 tickets that opening day at Timezone Ayala South Park, making the trip from Novaliches to Muntinlupa well worth the drive.

That was also the last event we attended together before Tomi moved to Canada. He had always been closer with my sister, so going to Timezone was the only time I got the chance to spend some bonding moments with them.

So I was a bit emotional going to another Timezone opening, this time at the UP Town Center, despite the festive the mood, and how energetic the guests were despite the sweltering summer heat, I was missing Tomi and how he’d weave through the crowd to find his favorite ball drop game.

I found one and must have spent my first P500, barely winning any tickets, and I thought how Tomi would probably be laughing at me. Still, the sounds of arcade machines and children’s laughter brought back those cherished memories, making each visit a mix of joy and nostalgia.

Timezone Levels Up the Fun at U.P. Town Center

The new Timezone at U.P. Town Center is an expansion not just in size but in the spectrum of entertainment. This latest venue, sprawling across 1,535 square meters on the second level of the mall’s Phase II zone, represents a significant upgrade over its predecessor. It promises a new era of innovative games and attractions that are sure to captivate the diverse and lively crowd of Diliman.

The excitement is tangible as I explore the array of new offerings. For gamers, the Minecraft Dungeon Arcade and the adrenaline-pumping HALO Fireteam Raven offer immersive experiences that are both challenging and rewarding. The six-seater VR Warship is a crowd-pleaser, drawing groups of friends into its vivid, dynamic battles.

Much like its other renovated sites, Timezone U.P. Town Center brings you more than just the typical arcade experience. It includes a six-lane bowling alley and an All-Star Basketball machine, appealing to both casual players and sports enthusiasts. The venue also features seven bumper cars and four billiard tables, offering a variety of entertainment options to suit all preferences.

Another unique addition is the music zones where guests can enjoy interactive music-based games, adding a rhythmic twist to the traditional arcade setting. These zones are a hit among teenagers and young adults, who find a creative outlet in the beats and tunes.

The two new party rooms at Timezone are designed to host a variety of events, from lively birthday parties to corporate team-building sessions. Each room can accommodate up to 50 people, equipped with everything necessary to make any celebration a hit. Timezone’s attention to detail in these party packages ensures that every event is not only fun but also tailored to the guests’ needs.

The Thrill of the Prize Shop

Playing at Timezone also has its rewards and you can claim them at the Prize Shop, where you can exchange tickets for prizes. From plush toys to high-tech gadgets, the prizes are as varied as the games that earn them. But this isn’t just about the rewards; it’s about the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of choosing the perfect prize after a day of gaming.

Reflecting on Timezone’s presence since its inception in 1998, it is evident that it has evolved into more than just a place for entertainment. It’s a venue where families and friends come together, creating lasting memories. Ydonna Alvendia, the General Manager of U.P. Town Center, notes, “Timezone has always been a bustling hub at U.P. Town Center. With its new location, it continues to enrich the mall’s atmosphere, offering an engaging alternative to the usual shopping and dining experiences.”

Grand Opening Promotions

The grand opening is marked by celebratory promotions that enhance the festive atmosphere. From April 26 to May 15, 2024, guests can take advantage of a special offer where a P600 purchase gets them P1,000 worth of Powerload plus 100 Powertickets. This promotion is an excellent opportunity for guests to experience the new games and enjoy the enhanced facilities without breaking the bank.

As we left Timezone, I’m reminded of the countless joyful moments I shared with Tomi. The new U.P. Town Center venue isn’t just a place; it’s a treasure trove of potential core memories and experiences.

While Tomi and I may not be able to visit together, Timezone will always hold a special place in my heart. For Tomi and me, Timezone isn’t just an arcade; it’s a symbol of our bond, a place where we’ll always have each other.

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