The WYP Bar Experience: Engaging Conversations, Intriguing Cocktails and Unforgettable Nights

What’s Your Poison? or simply WYP (pronounced as weep), is a vibrant bar tucked in the growing night life scene of Poblacion, Makati. The brainchild of Araw Hospitality Group’s CEO, Jean Henri Lhuillier, who aimed to provide locals and tourists alike with a space where they can make meaningful connections after a busy day and just enjoy the unique vibe of the bar.

Step into WYP Bar and transport yourself in a vivid and one-of-a-kind atmosphere that showcases different inspirations from Mr. Lhuillier’s travels running from unique blend of pop culture, mid-century art pieces, and eclectic elements that, despite their randomness, come together cohesively.

At WYP Bar, the beverage menu is filled with exciting and flavorful cocktails meticulously crafted by our resident mixologist. These are skillfully infused with local flavors, herbs, and spices to create a range of enticing blends that will tantalize even the most refined palates. Savor each sip while engaging in lively conversations with fellow patrons or enjoying captivating live performances on our stage.

WYP Bar stands apart as an urban retreat that goes beyond typical bar experiences. With its welcoming ambiance, exciting menu, and the potential for engaging encounters, WYP Bar is destined to become the premier destination for those seeking an unforgettable night out in Poblacion, Makati.

WYP is managed by Araw Hospitality Group—the bold new player in the hospitality industry committed to creating extraordinary experiences that captivate and inspire guests. With a rich portfolio of successful hospitality ventures such as Lihim Resorts, El Nido and UNWND Boutique Hotels, the group continues to redefine the boundaries of exceptional hospitality.

WYP Bar is located at 6236 Manalac, Poblacion, Makati City. Check out exclusive updates and promotions through WYP’s socials via @wyp.dining.

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