The Secret behind Heart Evangelista’s Shining Smile– and its not because of Chiz (partly)

They call it the “bride-glow” –that beaming radiance that seem to radiate from immense happiness, excitement, and anticipation from the bride-to-be.

Closeup Diamond Attraction's newest endorser, Heart Evangelista

Its the kind of glow you immediately notice whenever you see Heart Evangelista on TV and even more so in person. The Kapuso actress is getting married in a couple of weeks and her positivity is just infectious– quite different when I first met her a few years ago.

This website got to chat a bit with the soon-to-be Mrs. Escudero at the recent launch of Closeup Diamond Attraction, last January 28, where Heart was introduced as its newest ambassador.

Though noticeably happy, Heart admitted that things could still be a lot better.  “I’m not sure if they are attending,”when asked if her parents would be attending her Balesin Island wedding or their Manila reception which happens the week after.

Unlike most brides who are accompanied by their parents as they walks down the aisle, Heart says she will probably  alone. “I’ll walk by myself… “It’s gonna be that little brave, that little girl in me. “I have to be brave and this is my choice. “So, paninindigan ko siya.”


Heart says she’s quite thankful that Chiz is a very hands-on-groom. “You really need your husband-to-be beside you. kaya I’m pretty blessed to have him [Senator Chiz] by my side…Importante na maganda yung communication niyo para organized lahat at makatipid kayo sa inyong kasal.”

She adds Chiz has also taught her about being practical and to always think about the day after the wedding.

“In the beginning I was super, super, stressed, kasi talagang lahat ng ideas ko, binabaril niya, but eventually we had a compromise.”


“I was raised in a way na I was very… everything was just given to me. Chiz, taught me how to appreciate the value of every single thing, especially what you already have. “He always reminds me na, you know, this is just one day. Ang importante sa kasal, yung buhay niyo after.

“So, yun ‘yong na-appreciate ko sa kanya.


The only thing that was shone brighter than her aura that night –was her white teeth–which, we were pretty sure was not because Senator Chiz.

Her smile, she attributes to Closeup Diamond Attraction– the brand’s newest innovation.

“A smile is unlike any other beauty accessory and “I’m so glad to have Closeup Diamond Attraction in my beauty arsenal, because it highlights my smile. Nothing compliments your overall look better than a dazzling white smile, because it gives you that boost of confidence and it completes your total look,” she said.

In a world of fast fashion, passing trends, and ever-dynamic beauty looks, it’s important to have those classic go-to beauty must haves that will stand the test of time. But the beauty must that trumps all is a dazzling white smile that gives you that elusive power of attraction.

The good news is Closeup has designed a first in beauty oral care. Co-created with cosmetic dentists, Closeup Diamond Attraction gives you visibly whiter teeth in one brush.

Closeup Brand Manager, Gem Laforteza
Closeup Brand Manager, Gem Laforteza

“Closeup is always looking for ways to innovate and to accentuate every woman’s best accessory, her smile,” said Closeup Senior Brand Manager Gem Laforteza. “White teeth have become such a beauty staple, so Closeup worked with a team of cosmetic dentists, to create Diamond Attraction, that will give you that much needed and instant lift. It’s truly the best in beauty and it’s now in the Philippines.”

Closeup's resident expert and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Cecile Infantado
Closeup’s resident expert and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Cecile Infantado

Recommended by one of the country’s top cosmetic dentists, Dr. Cecile Infantado, Closeup Diamond Attraction uses the revolutionary Blue Light Technology. “What elevates Closeup Diamond Attraction from other whitening toothpastes in the market is that it utilizes Blue Light Technology through a blue covarine foam that lessens the yellow tones on teeth, making teeth look whiter and brighter, instantly,” said Dr. Infantado.

Tagged as one of the 2015 Best in Beauty picks by top celebrity makeup artist Xeng Zulueta, Closeup Diamond Attraction is the perfect addition to anyone’s makeup kit, coming in handy whenever you need to get your pearly white teeth, in an instant.

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Closeup Diamond Attraction is now available in all leading supermarkets.


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