My first encounter with the Sudio brand was the TOLV—a pair of TWS earbuds that stood out because of its dual colorway. It has since become one of my favorite earbuds that never leaves my gadget pouch. 

The TOLV lived up to its promise of almost 7 hours of battery life on a single charge and the audio quality was surprisingly loud and perfect for music and movies. 

Last week I got myself my 2nd and 3rd Sudio devices—the Sudio Femtio speaker, and Sudio NIO earbuds, and I must say, Sudio is quickly becoming one of my favorite audio brands.

For this article, however, we will focus on the Sudio Femtio and I’ll be sharing with you a Discount Code at the end.


The SUDIO brand name is a combination of the words “Swedish” and “Audio” as the company is based in Sweden. Rooted in iconic Swedish music, it’s inspired by clean, elegant design to spark that moment where you get lost in the music and time stands still. 

sudio femtio

“Sudio” reflects the brand’s design vision and promise to offer exceptional sound quality to music enthusiasts of every stripe – wayfarers, daydreamers, and storytellers alike. So whether you’re relaxing at home or conquering the world, if getting lost in the music is all that matters, Sudio is for you.

Sudio’s products are known for their elegant Scandinavian design and the Femtio, for me, is one of their best-looking devices so far. 

Its not just about putting out good music, its also designed to be shown off. And take the center stage of your table.

sudio femtio box

Sudio Femtio Specifications:

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Output: 10W + 10W
  • Range:  10 m
  • Bluetooth:  version 5.0
  • Warranty: 3 years with Sudio Sphere
  • Built-in microphone: Yes
  • Voice Assistant: Siri and Google Assistant
  • Extra Features: Sweat resistant Water resistant: IPX6


The Sudio Femtio is Sudio’s first foray into the Bluetooth speaker market. And in case you are wondering “Femtio” is the Swedish word for “Fifty.”

Just like wireless headphones and earbuds, the market is flooded with way too many Bluetooth speakers, making it hard to find something that both looks good, sounds good and a price tag that’s even better than both.

The Sudio Femtio promises to bring all three together with a distinct look that simply blows away the competition.

Sudio might not be a familiar brand for most Pinoys as it just recently entered the local market, but just one look at the Sudio Femtio and you know that they mean business. 


The Femtio comes in a strudy white box that shows a photo of the speaker. I’m not sure if the box depicts the color of the speaker you got but we got the Anthracite variant and you can see 

The box opens up in the middle, lift the top and you’ll see the speaker tightly secured by a padded case

Included in the box are some paper documents and a USB type C charging cable.

Now let’s take this baby out of its cradle.

If you are looking for a speaker that would stand out, then Femtio is probably one of the best looking speakers out there—regardless of price range. It easily steals the spotlight from the likes of more established brands who seem to have been content with adding fancy lights to an otherwise dated design concept. 

The Sudio Femtio on the other hand has a grey fabric that wraps around the main speaker area. It is available in several colors, Black, Silver and the one we have which is called Anthracite. Its actually the first time I heard of the color, and the closest I could compare it with is the rose gold color hue we’ve previously seen in iPhones. 

The speakers weigh 675 grams with dimensions measuring 82 x 94 x 191 mm. It’s just the right size and heft to make it feel premium and is something you can display at home, your office desk or take out on some music trip.

 This fabric-covered cylinder is stylish, beautiful, and will instantly give your working desk a refined upgrade. It actually matches my OTTO wireless charger from Moshi. You’ll find the Antracite color accent on the frame and plate on each side that houses the bass reflexes—two large drivers sitting at both ends of the cylinder, that give off a metallic industrious look.

You’ll find five rubberized buttons on top of the Femtio. They are colored black but not too obvious to distract from the design aesthetic. Still, the tactile bumps are distinct enough and easy to locate.  There’s a dedicated button for power, volume up, play/pause, volume down, and Bluetooth control. Press the Play/Pause button to answer or end calls, or hold for 2-seconds to reject calls. Hold the same button for 2-seconds while on a call will transfer audio from speaker to phone, and vice versa. Google Assistant or Siri can be activated by holding the Play/Pause button for 2 seconds. To jump to the next or previous track press and hold either volume up or down button for 2 seconds.

The  Femtio also has a microphone and you can call on voice assistant by press/hold the play/pause button The microphone quality on the Femtio is just okay.

Since the speaker is cylindrical it only makes sense for it have a stand, rather than just a small flat base to prevent it from rolling off your table especially when you turn the music up. There are also 5 LED at the base of the Femtio. The first four indicates the battery charge levels (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) and the last one lights up to indicate a connection.

sudio femtio

You’ll also find the Sudio branding on front while a rubber flap that tightly seals the USB-C charging port and 3.5mm audio input jack is located at the back. Its one of the nicest and most secure solution I’ve seen and hopefully it stays that way for a long time. Remember the Femtio is IPX6 splash resistant but you still have to make sure this part is sealed properly.

sudio femtio back

Beneath the base are four tiny rubber feet that keeps it stays secure and won’t easily slide of your desk if you accidentally knock it off.

The Sudio Femtio supports Bluetooth 5.0 and pairing is easy. Simply turn on the powe and the the device automatically goes into pairing mode if no Bluetooth device is connected. It can only support one device so you need to disconnect an existing connection by holding the Bluetooth button.


I wasn’t actually expecting much from such as small speaker, but the moment you turn it on and start playing music, its hard not to be impressed by the Femtio. 

Sound quality is great and it creates this vivid clarity that makes it great for listening to jazz, pop, classic and acoustic music.

I then put on some rock tracks and the Femtio “rocked” it easily. 

It’s when I switched to dance tracks, EDM and hiphop that the Femtio showed its vulnerability.

It’s definitely bass-heavy, unfortunately there is distortion when listening to max volume. So its best to leave it at around 75 to 80 percent max. This, however, differs depending on your music source, if you’re listening to Spotify, YouTube or downloaded music.

And you’ll definitely be listening for quite a while as the Femtio can last for a really long time. It promises up to 14 hours of battery life, so you’ll never need to charge it for those days when you just want to have a music trip.  So far I’ve listened to it for an entire afternoon from and I didn’t even use up 25%. Unfortunately, despite being USB-C the Femtio does not support fast charging and it takes more than three hours to fully charge it. 

With its size and full waterproof IPX 6 protection rating, you can bring you Femtio anywhere just about anywhere. Just make sure you follow safety protocols if you do. Another neat feature is the ability to connect two Sudio Femtio speakers to one device with its Dual Pairing feature, for louder stereo sound.

Final Word

As Sudio’s first foray into the competitive speaker market, its off to a great start with the Femtio. Its one of the most stylish-looking Bluetooth speakers out there and its sound quality is great for listening to music or watching movies on your phone, PC or laptop.

Additional features such as dual pairing and IPX6 protection rating makes it a great buy for its price of Php 6550. 

But wait! You can even get a 15% discount on the Sudio Femtio or any other Sudio products simply by using the code “EDUY” + you get a free cleaning kit with every purchase from now until 21st March + Free shipping AND 3 years warranty when you sign up for Sudio Sphere.

Head over to and add the Sudio Femtio to your cart now! 


  • Stylish and beautiful design
  • Good sound volume
  • 14 Hours battery life
  • IPX6 Splash Protection 


  • No fast charging
  • Can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time

What do you think of the Sudio Femtio? Let us know in the comments below!

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