Stronger Together with Phsyiogel: Toni Sia and Bianca Umali Shares Their Self-Care Journey on Physiogel’s SIS Day Out

Strong women lift each other up, and when they do, amazing things happen — an extraordinary bond called sisterhood! After years of virtual catch-ups, Physiogel took us out on a date to empower each other with its SIS Day Out, which happened last August 13 and 20.

Curated booths in the event offered sisters instant self-care experiences the whole day, and they only needed to trade in Physiogel or other skincare brands’ empties to join! This gave them VIP access to the Strength Booth, where participants styled their work OOTDs, Softness Booth which featured a journaling session, Moisture Booth for the make-up lovers, and lastly, the Cleanse Booth where a meditation session took place.

The highlight of this sisterly bonding? Truly inspiring chikahan sessions with our guest sisters! Beauty influencer Toni Sia graced the first leg in Southwoods Mall while actress Bianca Umali joined us in UP Town Center, sharing their unfiltered stories and empowering words with host Bianca Valerio. These sisters are life pegs personified, for they exude such strength in softness!

Despite always looking so put together they admitted that their journey to self-love wasn’t a smooth one. Bianca only realized this when she took a short break from her work. “I’m not really malaaga sa sarili dati. But because of the pandemic, I learned how to make myself feel that I am at peace and that I am okay. So that pushed me to take care of myself”. Toni candidly narrated that she started from the inside by learning how to say no. “With things that don’t resonate with me, I just say no. When I feel like my intuition says that something is not meant for me, then I say no and stay firm in what I believe in.”, Toni shared.

These ladies made it a point to prioritize themselves because self-care is non-negotiable! When it comes to their skin, at the top of their reco list is, of course, Physiogel. Toni makes sure to keep her skin strong from top to toe, using the Physiogel blue line on her face and the pink line on her body to help prevent flare-ups from atopic dermatitis. Bianca also revealed her weapon of choice, which is the Calming Relief Range. She even shared this discovery with her family who also has sensitive skin. “Doing what I do na nasa ilaw and I travel a lot, Physiogel made my skin calm. I’m happy I found Physiogel.”

Hoping to inspire, these ladies left words of encouragement for those who are still in the process of loving themselves. “Be kind to yourself on the inside. It’s time to stop sabotaging yourself and start appreciating your strength.”, Toni emphasized, alluding to her newfound strength through self-care. Bianca also shared a mantra that guides her, saying that “choosing yourself is not something you should feel guilty about.”

So sisters, remember that self-care is not at all selfish, and you can have Physiogel as you SIS in self-care as you get back to your now normal! Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy and Calming Relief Range are available at Mercury Drug, Watsons, South Star Drug, Rose Pharmacy, and Physiogel Official Stores at Lazada and Shopee.

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