SHOPEE PICKS: Grab these Anker deals at the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Sale

Anker one of the world’s charging experts and innovators of smart devices for entertainment, travel, and smart homes is having a big sale on Shopee this coming 9.9 Super Shopping Day.

Get the best deals on powerbanks, multiport chargers, cables, car chargers, and other computer accessories and save as much as 40% off.

In this edition of Shopee Picks, we take a look at three products which are currently on my wishlist!

Anker Eufy Cam Kit 1080p Wire-Free Security AI Camera

Every day we see news of accidents and of people getting attacked and robbed, and most of them were captured by security cameras, which also helped catch the perpetrators. But have you also considered getting one for your office or home?

Did you know that a typical business can lose up to 5% of revenue to fraud, and that security cameras, when prominently placed, can help deter theft. Small businesses usually fall victim to employee theft and shoplifters nationally, small businesses lose $25,000 to $33,000 every minute to shoplifters because often, there are fewer safeguards in place.

And if you think that burglaries are mostly crimes of opportunity, an article said that 60.5% of burglaries in the US are actually forcible entry (breaking windows, picking locks, kicking in doors, etc.). A good security system, including surveillance security cameras, can be a great deterrent for these types of crimes.

Now that we are getting back to our normal lives and going back to work we again leave our homes vulnerable to these people. if you are working from home, a security camera will give you extra protection as you can see who’s at the door—whether it’s a delivery man or someone suspicious especially when you need to leave your kids alone for a bit.

The Anker Eufy Cam Kit 1080p Wire-Free Security AI Camera is one of those cameras designed for easy and wireless installment so you don’t need power cables, wall outlets, or even the need to drill holes, giving you freedom to install eufyCam practically anywhere. All you need to do is stick the mount onto any flat surface and eufyCam’s ready to go—in less than a second; or just stick it directly onto most metallic surfaces.

The Anker Eufy Cam Kit 1080p Wire-Free Security AI Camera, also offers the longest battery life in the industry to ensure a convenient and top-notch wire-free experience and they partnered up with Anker—the leader in charging technology—to maximize the efficiency and charging speed of the battery.

This collaboration resulted in eufyCam having the power to run for 365 days (or 3 years in Standby Mode) per charge when actively monitoring areas such as your front door or driveway.

Unlike other cameras that are easily triggered by birds, dogs, or trees/leaves, Anker Eufy Cam Kit 1080p Wire-Free Security AI Camera from Shopee reduces false alarms by up to 95% by applying a 3-step scanning and filtering process. You can also register your friends and family as trusted faces, then, once someone approaches the vicinity of your house, eufyCam can determine if that person is someone you trust to further reduce the alerts you get.

If not, eufyCam will send a notification according to your security level preference. It has a 

140° wide-angle lens provides a panoramic view, spanning from your driveway to the front door—with no spots missed. The Sony Exmor sensor combine with large f2.2 aperture to offer around-the-clock Full HD surveillance, recording sharp and bright video during the day, and even clear Night Vision footage in the evening.

The eufyCam is constructed from cutting-edge ASA composite material, offering unrivaled strength and protection against the elements so you could use it indoor or outdoor. Plus it even has a built-in microphone and speaker so you could directly communicate—via your smartphone—to the door.  


365-DAY BATTERY LIFE: IP65 weatherproof-rated camera runs for 365 days (or 3 years in Standby Mode) per charge indoors and out.

– FULL HD SURVEILLANCE: 1080p resolution, combined with our exceptional night vision technology, ensures video is recorded with crystal-clear quality both day and night.

– NO MONTHLY FEE: eufyCam E doesn’t require any monthly fees to use, and comes with a 16GB microSD card that stores up to one-year’s worth of recordings.

– EASY INSTALLATION: Just screw the mount onto any flat surface and wireless surveillance with 2-way audio is ready to go.

You can get the Anker eufyCam at a discounted price during the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Sale by clicking HERE.

Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone

Another highly reviewed item from the Anker store on Shopee the “Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone, which is ideal for those who regularly have to make and take calls on your phone. 

Lets face it its hard to put your phone up to your ear for more than five minutes before I lose concentration and get listening fatigue, using your phone’loudspeaker isn’t always appropriate or clear. The Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone is conference speaker that sits in the middle of your desk or conference room and uses its six built-in microphones and powerful speaker to make phone calls and conference calls more pleasurable and productive.

The six-microphones gives the PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone 360-degrees of listening, and when combined with the Anker’s custom digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms, which offer real-time echo cancellation and background noise reduction, you get stunning call quality. 

Anker is known for its speakers and its one of the brands best selling products—and that same quality of speakers is fitted into the Anker PowerConf. The speaker also enhances the voice on the other end of the line, so you’re not struggling to hear what’s being said.

The speakerphone has two connectivity options. You can choose to Bluetooth 5.0 to connect the PowerConf to any mobile device for spontaneous conference calls, while the USB port can be used to make a more robust connection to a laptop or desktop computer. It is compatible with most popular conferencing apps such as FaceTime, ZOOM, Skype, GotoMeeting, and Slack.

The Anker PowerConf has a built-in 6,700mAh battery which is said to be good enough for a whole week’s worth of calls and you can even use it as a power bank, making this a perfect choice for those who travel a lot. 

Key Features

360° Voice Pickup: 6 built-in microphones offer full 360° coverage in huddle rooms for up to 8 people.

Custom DSP Algorithm: Enhances voice pickup with real-time echo cancellation, de-reverberation, and ambient noise suppression.

Balanced Volume: Even when you’re sat at different distances from PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone, it automatically adjusts the volume so everyone’s voice sounds loud and clear.

Instant Setup: Connect via Bluetooth or via a USB-C cable without needing to install any drivers. For computers that use Windows 7, 8, 10, and macOS.

Universal Compatibility: Use with Skype, Google Hangout, Facetime, Zoom, WebEx, GotoMeeting, and Chromebox etc.

Built-In 6,700mAh Battery: PowerConf Bluetooth speakerphone gives you 24 hours of call time and can charge your other devices.

You can order the Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone by clicking on the link

PowerCore Metro Slim 10000

Lastly we have to feature a powerbank from Anker as its also one of their top selling items. 

The PowerCore Metro Slim is an ultra slim portable charger with 10000mAh External Battery, High-Speed PowerIQ and VoltageBoost Charging Technology Power Bank for  your smartphone and tablets

Its one of the slimmest and lightest 10000 mAh portable chargers on the market and provides 2.6 charges for iPhone XS, 2.4 full charges for Galaxy S10 and 1.3 charges for iPad mini 5.

Utilizing Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology, the PowerCore Metro Slim deliver the fastest possible charge for any device, while the trickle-charging mode is the best way to charge low-power devices. It also features MultiProtect, Anker’s 11-point safety system, providing superior protection for you and your devices.

And best of all this powerbank looks good with asleek fabric and matte exterior and cool-blue LED light to report battery level so you can carry it with style. 

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