Samsung Valentine Gift Ideas that “sounds” too good to resist

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is around the corner when they start hearing the familiar love songs on the radio. For most, hearing their faint sound already imbues in them the spirit of this love month. For some though, particularly the discerning audiophiles, it will take clean & crisp sounds to get them in a romantic mood.

With that need in mind Samsung has released three new gadgets for the audiophile’s listening pleasure: the DA-F61 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (PHP 9,990), the HW-F450 Air Track Speaker (PHP 12,990), and the MX-FS8000 HiFi Component (PHP 35,990). Each device serves its own purpose but all provide the same elements: superior sound quality, convenient wireless technology, and modern design.

The DA-F61 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is for the audiophile on the go. With it, individuals can listen to their favorite love songs wherever they may be. Its Neodymium Speaker with Passive Bass Radiator is capable of providing powerful sound levels from small, cramped rooms to open spaces. Connectivity with their smartphone, laptop, or TV is a cinch thanks to Bluetooth and NFC Technology – all they have to do is tap their NFC-capable device on the speaker and it will automatically sync. Lastly, bringing it anywhere will always be an eye-catching event because of its premium all-metal finish combined with a rustic brown fabric case.

For the audiophile who likes to mix great TV viewing with awesome sound and style, the HW-F450 Air Track Speaker will be the perfect gift. It has 3D Sound Plus technology which synchronizes sound to match the motion and depth of the images being produced on the television. Combine this with its Crystal Amplifier Pro, which filters sound distortion and noise to provide hi-fi audio quality, and you get unparalleled immersion. All this comes from a home theater system that is rid of clutter and wires, thanks to wireless connectivity between the sound bar, subwoofer and TV.

Lastly, for the audiophile who wants to make a big impression at their Valentine’s date or party, the MX-F8000 HiFi Component is the tool for the job. This HiFi Component is made to capture everyone’s attention, with its booming sound and flashing lights. Its 2300W (27600 PMPO) wattage rating lets it blast music all night, and Beat Waves complements this with patterns of light that move to the rhythm and beat of the music. This big black box is more sophisticated than it looks, hosting a bevy of smart features like Soccer Mode which augments sports viewing, DJ Effect which adds effects to songs, and Bluetooth connectivity which makes connecting devices easy.
This Valentine’s, all those love songs will sound much sweeter thanks to Samsung’s host of audio offerings, each catering to an individual’s differing aural needs. Superior sound quality, convenient wireless technology, and modern design all combine to make the audiophiles’ Valentine are a little more special.