Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launches with a Big Surprise!

Leading mobile technology innovator Samsung created a new wave of smart phone owners when the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 hit the local market for the first time.

People couldn’t wait to grab their Samsung Galaxy Note 8 units as people rushed into the mall to be the first in line. People wanted to earn the chance to get their shot at the raffle of winning the Samsung phone of their desire. 

The recent launch of Samsung’s latest offering attracted droves of techies to SM Mall of Asia with hopes to be among the first proud owners of the world’s first 8-inch tablet. The beeline started early in the morning and by noon, Samsung fans got the gadget of their dreams and other special raffle prizes exclusive for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 buyers.

Businessman Valentin Cheng beat the crowd
 in getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Valentin Cheng was the first to get his hands on a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. A businessman by profession, Valentin said that he looks forward to the superior way his new gadget of choice can help him manage his schedule. “With the Galaxy Note 8.0, there’s no need for me to memorize my appointments. And with the S Pen, I can easily scribble and make notes on my calendar,” he shared.

Dave Legislador, a contractor, appreciates the S Note and S Pen features that allow him to organize and edit photos of their projects. He’s also very satisfied because with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, he now has a new phone and a new tab in one handy gadget.

NGO worker Jay Benedicto, on the other hand, is always on the go and likes the way he can easily access his emails with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 wherever he may be. “It’s a great value for money, considering it’s a phone and a tablet with a lot of features, and very handy, too,” he added.

The user-friendly Reader function is what Catherine Agyuban, an employee in the private sector, finds very useful in her new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. It’s her first time to own a Samsung gadget, but has been a big fan of other Samsung products. She’s very excited with her new gadget of choice and it will set the standards for her next purchases.

Noveline Bareng, a government employee, is an avid Samsung user. What she loves most about her new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 are the video quality of the tablet, the powerful specs, and its handy size. Noveline also won a Samsung Galaxy S3 in the raffle.

As an additional treat to Samsung followers, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 ambassadress Bianca Gonzales made a special appearance and talked about how the gadget and how it fits her lifestyle.

“It’s very convenient because I don’t have to bring a laptop with me,” Bianca shared. “It’s a planner, a personal computer, and a diary to jot down notes on in one handy gadget.” She also likes the multi-window feature that allows her to multi-task such as compose her articles for her column and tweet at the same time without shifting from one window to another.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0’s debut in the Philippines was an astounding success. Made with people-on-the-go in mind, this new innovation from Samsung has all communication needs covered. Its array of unique features and compact design makes it an ideal companion in an era of portability and productivity.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is available in the color White and is available at your nearest Samsung authorized dealer at an SRP of Php 23,990.

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