By Ed Uy

Whenever international companies are asked why they prefer to hire Filipinos, their most common answer is because they find Filipinos very hardworking.

It’s a reputation we’ve maintained all over the world, and we have proven time and again that we are a people with an industrious attitude.

This trait could be traced back to our close family ties. Filipino parents strive hard for them to be able to provide the best for their children—even if it means being away from their family.

Sharing this ideal of providing the best for one’s family Robinsons Residences continues to find new ways to make city living more convenient in appreciation of all the sacrifice and hard work we do for our loved ones.

City living, simplified
When you live in the city, you’re at the heart of the action. You’re close to your place of work. You have access to important institutions (schools, churches, and hospitals), recreation centers and public transport. Living within the metropolis may get you better job opportunities and a large network of friends and social contacts. But it will also expose you to noise pollution, traffic congestion and other stressful conditions.

With these in mind, Robinsons Residences, Robinsons Land Corporation’s urban lifestyle brand, provides smart, practical answers to making city living easier and more enjoyable.

Finding your dream home is also about choosing a place in a premium location. This helps cut down on the stress brought on by traffic and the struggle to get to school and work on time. Robinsons Residences—which include Bonifacio Global City projects

The Trion Towers, Mckinley Park Residences, The Fort Residences, and Fifth Avenue Place, as well as developments in Pioneer, Mandaluyong, New Manila, Quezon City and Merville in Paranaque–are all centrally-located properties that provide convenient access to business districts, transportation hubs, and leisure complexes. This allows residents to manage their time efficiently and frees up more time for them to do what they want.

Efficiency and time management
Time management is key when living in the city, but no matter how good you are at multitasking, you will never be able to do everything yourself, and this is where finding a home that offers more than just security comes into place.

Robinsons Residences has taken the pressure off its residents when it comes to, say, looking for repair men, automobile assistance or having your laundry picked up as it introduces the Ring Rob Online Concierge.

A first in the Philippines, Ring Rob is the brainchild of Mybelle V. Aragon-Gobio, senior vice-president of Robinsons Residences and Luxuria.

In an interview with The Manila Times during its launch, Gobio said the inspiration for Ring Rob came from those assistants of superheroes such as Batman and Iron Man. “If Batman had Robin, Bruce Wayne could always rely on Alfred for his efficiency, Tony Stark on the other hand looks to Jarvis [his computerized assistant] whenever he needs to find anything,” she compared.

Putting those two together Gobio says she eventually came up with the idea of Ring Rob—an online assistant that is both efficient and knowledgeable. The extensive online service request platform is exclusive to residents of Robinsons Residences projects. As a digital concierge service, Ring Rob Concierge addresses the need for convenience and hassle-free lifestyle.

Through Ring Rob Concierge, residents can arrange repairs and housekeeping services for their unit, order food, or even have prescription medicines delivered right at their doorstep.
Residents can contact the Ring Rob Business Center or log onto the website www.ringrobconcierge.com. Through the Ring Rob app, residents can also access a multitude of services such as housekeeping services, business center services, computer rentals, and laundry services at a simple touch or swipe of a finger.

“It’s just like living in a hotel where you could just pick up your phone and make requests– except this service is more extensive and faster as you don’t have to wait for someone to pick up the phone or get transferred to another department,” she explained. “Still, we wanted to put a face on the service so we created the character of Rob.”

The character of Rob definitely adds more charm to the app and website. Its user-friendly interface also makes it easy for every homeowner to adapt it into their daily routine.  Payment for such services is also made through convenient methods such as cash or credit cards, allowing for online payments. All of the services associated with Ring Rob Concierge are accredited and reputable, ensuring that Robinsons Residences offers nothing but the best for its residents.

Reward yourself
Besides Ring Rob, Robinsons also unveiled the RLC Lifestyle Card, a program that seeks to promote loyalty and enhance the experience among select qualified home owners of Robinsons Land’s four residential brands. The RLC Lifestyle Card is offered to fully paid RLC buyers of the four aforementioned RLC residential brands in good standing.

“The RLC Gold card provides benefits dining perks, retail privileges, and appliance discounts as well as referral incentives and a 50 percent discount on reservations on subsequent purchases of RLC units, houses and lots,” Gobio points out.

“Meanwhile, the Platinum card has all that plus additional perks like a complimentary hotel buffet, a 30 percent discount on hotel rates and Movie World coupons,” she added.

“Prioritize on the more important things in life like family bonding or spending much-needed downtime, because at Robinsons Residences your hard work and loyalty is rewarded with convenience and privileges.” the real estate brand said.

For more information about Robinsons Residences projects, visit www.robinsonsresidences.com or call (632) 636-0888, 0925-3333333 and 0925-7777777.

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