Rico Blanco Goes to Sesame Street

Just like he promised a couple of  months ago, rocker Rico Blanco finally releases his own rendition of two of the most memorable Sesame Street songs.

The producers behind world renowned children’s television show Sesame Street and multi-awarded Filipino artist Rico Blanco are on track in their drive to encourage learning. Last March, the campaign kicked off a new education movement called “Sesame Street Kid Ako”, (I am a Sesame Street Kid). And as ambassador of the Sesame Street project, Rico Blanco also shares his voice for the campaign and creates a new take on Sesame Streets’ favorite and classic songs. Rico shares, “I’ve always credited Sesame street as one of my biggest early musical influences, shaping my taste in music as a kid, and the kind of music I would later gravitate to as a grown up.”

With the support of Warner Music Philippines, Rico Blanco releases a rock version of “Ladybugs’ Picnic,” a classic Sesame Street song about an animated story of twelve ladybugs that demonstrates the number 12 while it teaches children how to count to twelve. The story of the song also follows the events of the ladybugs’ picnic, including sack races, knock-knock jokes, and roasting marshmallows around the fire. All scored in one melodic chorus that makes it one of the most loved Sesame Street songs! Join Rico Blanco as he sings and counts one to twelve at the “Ladybugs’ Picnic” when it hits the airwaves this week! You are sure to clap your hands and tap your shoes to the beat as he sings “1,2,3…4,5,6…7,8,9…10,11,12…”

Rico also recorded and performed “Lowercase N,” a  song about the letter N in its lowercase form. Rico Blanco injects his signature sound to this children’s song that becomes a melancholy but ultimately redemptive rock ballad about the lonely letter character. This will be released soon and available for download on web and mobile. Rico Blanco was thrilled at the opportunity to be part of the campaign, “I feel blessed to be given this chance to help,” shares the self-confessed Sesame Street Kid.”

While taking a much deserved vacation from both singing and acting, Rico says he will be continuing his work as a Sesame Street ambassador.

A self confessed Sesame Street Kid, Rico says the project came about as he expressed his desire to share the values and experiences he had from the classic television show.

Rico says he was thrilled at the opportunity to become the face and voice of the local campaign .

His favorite Sesame Street Character?

“Oscar the Grouch,” he says. “Because I am a lot like him in the morning,” he joked. “He’s funny, but in a way he teaches us how to deal with grumpy people. His seemingly bottomless trashcan/house on the other hand is such a wonderful device for stirring the imagination and creative thinking.  You only hear sounds and that makes you think about just how much stuff he has inside that can of his.”

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