Real Estate buying and selling made easier with Hoppler

How many times have you heard people say “There’s an APPfor that?”

A few weeks ago I was helping a friend to look for a property they could rent—and I told him the same suggestion—“There’s an app for that.” Since he knew me as a bit of a techie he asked me which app I can suggest—unfortunately Im not much into real estate so I told him I’ll do some research first.

With thousands of available applications on Google Play and the App Store finding the right one that truly fits your need can be a bit tricky.

They already tried Facebook Marketplace as well as numerous real estate related groups, but the problem is there are a lot of items being sold so it was quite hard to find the right one for him—and he didn’t want to deal with a lot of agents and brokers as well.

So I went to the PlayStore and searched for an app we could use. If there were apps for online shopping, cars, hotel rooms, travel attractions, I was pretty sure there was something for real estate listings.  That’s when I came across Hoppler.

Hoppler is an app that connects buyers and sellers of real estate with a network of people you can trust.

Similar to those apps which help you find the cheapest hotel room, Hoppler seeks to help Pinoys find the right

property amongst duplicative listings online, or even worse, fake properties.

“Hoppler and the Hoppler Associates are a network of professional, trustworthy brokers across the Philippines that are connected through our use of technology. Hoppler’s mobile website and mobile app showcases properties that come from this set of qualified brokers, as well as direct owners, within our controlled network.

So when you’re inquiry comes in, they hand you over to only ONE broker, that’s it. That ONE broker, called a “Hoppler Associate”, will know everything you want to know about your preferred area so you don’t have to deal with multiple brokers. And most of all, he or she will coordinate on your behalf with everyone in the process (multiple listings brokers, the owner, the tax man, etc., etc.)—according to the website.

I told my friend to download the app, which he did and he told me that it was definitely a lot easier to search for a property that meets his needs through the app.

Since I too was thinking of making an investment and maybe earn extra , I continued to read about Hoppler and learned that it also makes it easy for Brokers and owners who are looking to sell their property as well.  Hoppler pairs you up with brokers who know about selling a property in your neighborhood and if you are a brokers they will pair you up with buyers who will actually want to buy. It’s a win win for both parties.

I also learned that they have a pretty interesting incentive program called Hoppler Rewards where partner brokers could win a trip Taiwan for 4 days and 3 nights. Hoppler CEO Ramon Ballesca Jr. said the incentive program is open to all partner brokers.  To qualify partner brokers simply need to sign up and upload 20 properties to be eligible to win a trip to Taiwan for 4 days and 3 nights.

The announcement was made Last Friday, September 30, 2018 at Microsoft Philippines, 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati during the third Hoppler Dialogues.

Co-presented with Homespace360 the theme of the talks were Leveraging Your Real Estate Business in a Competitive Market. Industry experts were invited to present insights on the real estate market and provide relevant strategies on standing out in the competitive landscape of the industry.

The event featured talks from three industry experts, managing director of GetCraft PH Kate Delos Reyes, former VP and Retail Mortgage Head of BPI Family Savings Bank Herbert Vincent Tuason, and licensed Real Estate Broker and Appraiser Nisha Alicer.

The speakers imparted the importance of content marketing in strengthening a real estate brand, strategies for real estate brokers to build their business faster through a comprehensive analysis of modern real estate data, and the value of building relationships to propel one’s career further.

Hoppler utilizes its advanced online platform and a large network of trustworthy brokers to simplify real estate transactions. It aims to connect buyers and sellers of real estate with its trusted broker network.

Hoppler Dialogues was co-presented with Homespace360 and the following partners: Natural Health, Travelife Magazine, D3iD, and ZenRooms Philippines.

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