Punch Out Toys!

Saw this picture of an amazing set of custom toys….reminds me back of the good old famicom days…soda popinski, glass joe, king hippo and his band-aid belly…and the rest of the Punch Out guys.

CC24: Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! by Fugazi
from http://thefwoosh.com/2009/12/cc24-mike-tysons-punch-out-by-fugazi

according to the site
customizer: Fugazi
email: [email protected]

“growing up in the Nintendo generation, one of my most favorite games was Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! I wanted to pay homage to a very fond childhood past-time, so i decided to customize the entire cast of characters. these figures were made up from various WWE and Rocky fodder. a lot of time was spent shaving down the existing hair and resculpting a more fitting do. little mac was made from a black spiderman body, gambit boots, sentry head, and his gloves were kindly provided by a fellow customizer (thanks benty!). all of the shorts were sculpted and some of the figures such as bald bull, sodapop, mr. sandman were bulked up with some apoxie sculpt. both of king hippo’s heads and the alt head for bald bull were resculpted.”

glass joe’s favorite position 😀 lolz

Who needs moms?

Yogi in 3D!