Party like the Gods and see more than just 50 shades at Victoria Court

Inspiring more ways to Party!  Victoria Court Pasig unveils “Asgard” and “Red” (50 Shades) Themed Super Suites

A few years ago, inviting your friends over to party at Victoria Court would have probably gotten some wide-eyed and brow-raising expressions, together with a few “are you serious?” reactions, or even a snide “Manyak!” remark.

But all that has changed since the premiere drive-inn hotel chain successfully transformed its image into a thematic-party destination of choice.

Now, bachelor parties, bridal showers, and even birthday parties are regularly being held at Victoria Court, with most guests leaving a positive feedback and sharing their memorable experiences with their friends.

“Unlike restaurants and bars, Victoria Court not only provides more privacy but also gives guests a chance to loosen up since they will have the venue all to themselves. It is also, in a way a safer venue for women holding bridal showers for their friends as the rooms can be locked to provide added security.

Guests also have the option to create a theme for their party without having the need to buy and set up decorations. All it takes is a visit to the website and choose the room they want to set the mood. They can even seek assistance with regards to food and other party requirements,” noted Sam Pineda Business Manager for Victoria Court Pasig.

“The success of our themed rooms has inspired us to come up with more creative designs, and yearly we are faced with the challenge of creating Super Thematic Rooms for our guests, company and the brand,– always striving to come up with something better than what we have previously created,” said Victoria Court Chief Architect Marc Sia.

After countless proposals and brainstorming, the group settled on two major themes, the Norse-mythology inspired “Asgard Room” and the ultimate bachelor pad from the hit novel 50 shades of Grey—the “Red Room.”

At Asgard there is only one color–Gold!

Hammertime! Feel like Thor — and hopefully
the darkness will help you look like a God!

The “Asgard Room” will remind guests of the movie Thor, with Asgard being the home world of the Gods. The room concept was first seen in their Malate branch, with 2levels housing the party area at the first level and the bed and whirlpool area at the 2nd level.

“The Pasig version is a lot smaller and we have condensed the concept.  The throne becomes the Jacuzzi and we reserved an open space for party activities.  But what makes this new room special is that the addition of Mjolnir—Thor’s legendary Hammer that triggers lightning and thunder effects whenever you strike it at any solid surface,” explains Sia.

According to Sia, they hired a team of sound and lighting experts to create the remote contraption which costs almost P20,000 to create.

The Asgard Room is 69 sqm, with fully air conditioning, have cable television, telephone, hairdryer, private toilet and bath, minibar, mini refrigerator, hot and cold water, karaoke with radio, Wi-Fi access, DVD player, Xbox Kinect, dining set, jacuzzi and private garage. Asgard Suite Room – P8,000 for party

From this innocent looking suite…

The second room, Sia explains was more challenging. “Since we really didn’t have a visual reference for the setting except for the narrative of the book we decided to combine a suite room and a deluxe room just to get the floor area required to fit all the amenities we want our guest to experience.”

with a perfectly stocked bar…

The experience begins as soon as guests enter the garage, there you will enter an elevator car, complete with a floor that moves from your weight and the buttons trigger the automated sliding door to complete the elevator effect.  It then opens up to a grey foyer that’s serves as an introduction to the predominantly white penthouse unit.

With a total floor area of 108 sqm, the room has two Bathrooms and is the biggest suite for Victoria Court Pasig.

Switch on the Red light to reveal some pretty
awesome surprises

The main room features the entertainment area equipped with state of the art sound system, and 50” flat screen TV.  Behind it is a model of a grand piano that can be used as a performance stage with a pole attached on the center.  The window offers a night view of the “Seattle skyline” that continues to the custom made Jacuzzi area behind the bar.  There is also a smoking area decorated with mirrors to create the illusion of space.

Everything changes as soon as you press the special button on one side of the entertainment module as it turns on the red lighting and exposes several (formerly) hidden the display area for costumes as well as the Red Room of Pain-inspired bedroom.

Trust me this looks WWAAYY better with the Right subject!

The bedroom adopts a more classic design with brocade fabrics on walls to balance the modern white living room, but the first thing you’d probably notice is the giant wheel where you can strap a guest and turn the wheel manually.  What is it for? Well the only limit is your imagination! It can be a fun ride or can be used for something kinky.

The rate for the 50 Shades Suite Room is P12,000 for party.

So the next time you’re planning a party, an event, or a photoshoot, be sure to check out the rooms of Victoria Court. Check out more of the themed rooms below or visit for more details

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