Oishi Snacktacular brings the best fun for P20!



Oishi has been a big part of my childhood– Minsan baon, minsan ulam, and minsan as part of my crunchwich! 

For breakfast there’s the Honey Crimpies, Fruity Rings, and Cornflakes– for  lunch especially when its sinigang or nilaga, I often eat it with either Baked Porky Pops or Marty’s Crackling—and to give sandwiches that extra crunch and flavor (and what I still think would make a good business) I make sure to put in some Ridges, potato crisps, potato fries or even Baconette Strips!

So now, I’m kinda freaking out about all the possibilities I could create with a sackful of Oishi Snacks! (yes i do plan on sharing them as well) Its a good thing I got a lot of ideas while checking out the booths at the #OishiSnacktacular 2015 event yesterday at the Trinoma Activity Center.

The Activity Center was transformed into an Oishi factory where you and your family will have the chance to run and play in several awesome booths this weekend Aug. 7, 8 and 9.

For just P20 entrance fee you can enter the Oishi Snackzone and check out all the awesome ways to enjoy your favorite snacks!


Refresh yourself with Oishi Slush C+; your favorite Smart C+ in slushie form! If you’re a big Oishi Choco Chug fan, you would want to cool down with some Choco Chug ice cream at the O-Twirl Booth and top it off with some Oishi Pillows, Wafu Leche Flan and 2 new savory toppings.

Did you know you can mix in oishi with some popular toppings like cheese, sour cream, spicy etc or use them as toppings for ice cream? You also have to check out how extra refreshing Smart C+ drinks can be when they are turned into slushies?


Team O! member Elmo Magalona shows of his O Twirl creation
Softserved Ice cream with pillows and potato chips? why not!
Softserved Ice cream with pillows and potato chips? why not!

You surely wouldn’t want to miss the chance to make your very own Oishi snack at the Make Your Own Snack station!

Other participants got to create their own personalized bag of Oishi at the Make Your Own Snack area where they picked out from a selection of Oishi chips to go along with different flavors such as cheese, barbecue and nori.


Run and go crazy at the Snack Shack booth as you fill up your limited edition 2 ft. Oishi giant pack with all your favourite Oishi snacks and beverages in 60 seconds!


Keeping up with fun and games, guests at the Snack Shack ran around to fill up their limited edition 2 ft. Oishi giant pack with all their favourite Oishi snacks and beverages in 60 seconds.

And the newest addition to the Snacktacular experience? The Oishi Snack Catcher! Remember that arcade game where you try and grab treats with a robotic claw? Well, now you can be the HUMAN CLAW! Get strapped up and guided to an enormous pool of Oishi snacks and grab all the treats you can take with your own hands! Some kind of catch isn’t it?

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And the best part of trying all those fun stations? You also get a chance to win your own 4 ft. Sack O’ Goodies from Oishi! Oishi-Snacktacular-event-4-of-5


There were also a lot of celebrity sightings with Team O! members Elmo Magalona, Slater Young, Ramon Bautista, Kean Cipriano, Tin Patrimonio, Maxene Magalona, Saab Magalona,  and many others. And tomorrow, Sunday Team #Kathniel will be in full force as Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo welcome the newest member of Team O! Alex Gonzaga.


So whether you love that crunchy sound or can’t get enough of its satisfying taste, or just looking for a fun way to spend the weekend with your family, be sure to check out Oishi Snacktacular 2015!


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