Night of Stories at Santa Rita Of Tapas, Tannins and Tarots Event


Every empty bottle has a story to tell, and on October 1, we got to hear a lot of interesting tales at the #SantaRitaTapasNight.

Famous Chilean wine, Santa Rita, gathered us folks to Tapeo, served us a combination of its “120 Wines”, Sauvignon Blanc, Carmenere and cabernet Sauvignon,  paired with a multitude of tapas, threw in a pair of flamenco dancers, and a fortuneteller on the side for a memorable night of good fun and fascinating conversations.

After enjoying a few sips of the three variants, Federico “Eric” Khan Marketing Director of Future Trade, joined our table to introduce us to Sta. Rita Wines.

Khan, a connoisseur of great drinks,  began by comparing wine to great pieces of artworks,  Like a masterpiece, the artist has a story to tell as to why he made that art piece, its the same thing with the winemaker, he also has a reason for why he made this kind of wine. “Every wine, though different in quality, has a great story to tell, and that is its main selling point, its inspiration for flavor.”

For Sta. Rita 120, its all about history going back to the Chilean Revolution.

“According to legend, 120 patriots, exhausted after a long, hard battle during the fight for Chile’s independence, reached the land belonging to Santa Rita. On that fateful night in 1814, these forces of liberty found refuge in the estate cellars.”

“When you make a wine, you have to think who you are doing it for, made for everyone to enjoy and appreciate it.  Sta. Rita 120 was the winemakers tribute to those brave 120 who fought for their freedom. These are young, elegant and fruity wines, perfectly balanced with soft tannins and good acidity. Exceptional value makes “120” an outstanding line of wines for everyday drinking.”

Eric Khan doesn’t need a fortune teller to see that the future of the wine industry is looking bright.

Khan who worked as a radio DJ, found his passion when he began working at the some of the top liquor companies in the country, and when he left to join the banking industry, he admitted he felt a little lost. ” This is not me. I’m not a corporate tie kind of person. I’m more of a fun, share your experience kind of guy who enjoys life, he recalled.

“So I came back to the “entertainment” industry– but not the showbiz and gossip kind. Entertainment because here I get to entertain friends, meet new people and make them feel happy.”

Sta. Rita, he says, has been in the Philippines for more than 1o years, and it is continuously growing.

“We are one of the biggest gin market, top of the rhum market, as well as the brandy segment, but not for wine. But the industry is growing, because Filipinos are now maturing. As a matter of fact, ten years ago, when you went to the high end restaurants at greenbelt all you can order are softdrinks iced tea and beer, but now they are also serving wine. Its a sign that Filipinos are looking for something better and their preferences are maturing. and Chilean wine is appreciated because of the fruity flavor which is very good our market.”

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Khan shared the three types of Sta Rita: The 120 priced at around P300 to P400 is perfect for everyone, its a nice easy drink that is full of flavoer. Then when you go to the next level there’s the Reserva which is P500 to P600 followed by the Medalla Real at P800 and finally for those who want something really special,  there’s the Casa Real (around P4,000 to P5,000.

Unlike the others, the Casa Real is  very limited, and depends solely on the quality of grapes.  If vintage quality is not good then they will not  make a Casa Real and use the grapes for other wines instead.

When asked for tips about wine pairing, Khan decided to keep it simple. “Walang basagan ng trip.” When it comes to wine you develop your own preference, and that’s the beauty of it, its all up to you.”

In vino veritas.  “In wine, truth.”

“I drink to  make other people happy. If i put a bottle of beer on the table that is mine..But when I put a wine on the table, then it means I’ll be drinking with friends and I want everybody to enjoy…get people start talking.”

Khan says what he serves depends on the crowd and the stories he wants to hear from them, or how he wants the evening to progress. “Its just like music, there are songs for when you are in love and when you’re broken-hearted. You also have a playlist for driving, for working and of course a selection if you just want to relax and have a good time. With wine its the smell, the flavors, and the taste keeps you company. You get a light wine and the conversations starts flowing…You get a nice heavy wine and Wow!! everything is just suddenly better.”


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