Nescafe Dolce Gusto: Homemade coffee never tasted this good

With more than 400 billion cups of coffee consumed each year, there’s no doubt that the world loves coffee– whether its brewed, instant, or “café made.”

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to splurge their week-long (instant) coffee budget in exchange for a coffee-shop made cup of joe.

All that is about to change as Nescafe finally launches its Dolce Gusto system in the country. Featuring two stylish models, the Picolo and Circolo, these innovative, compact and easy-to-use devices seek to redefine the homemade coffee experience.

“With the Dolce Gusto system, Filipinos will now be able to enjoy coffee concoctions that they would normally only get in coffee shops right in the comfort of their homes–and at a fraction of the price,” explained Nestle Business Executive Manager for Coffee Christophe Stern.

The Dolce Gusto system, which means sweet taste in Italian, impressed a lot of guests for its innovation, style, speed and convenience during its media launch at the Museum Café, Greenbelt on October 10, 2011.

Jiggy Cruz, consumer Marketing Manager of NDG, demonstrated just how quickly and easy the devices work and how it compares with other bulky coffee making machines.

“All you have to do is simply ‘pop’ in the specially made capsule,
‘lock’ in the lever and launch to hot mode, and wait for your coffee to ‘drop’ in seconds —that’s how easy it will be to make a cup of coffee right in your own kitchen, office, clinic, dorm room, etc—you don’t even need to boil water. There’s no mess, no fuss.”

“In seconds, and in the comfort of your personal space, you can have the luxury and ease of enjoying espresso-based coffee concoctions that you would normally get in coffee shops,” he added.

The machines come in two chic Italian designs—the swanky and two-toned Picolo, and the ubercontemporary sexy Circolo that adds panache to any kitchen counter and will surely catch the eye of any visiting friend or loved one.

Despite their compact size, Cruz said the Picolo and Circolo are capable of 15-bars of pressure– almost the same as coffee shop machines (16-bars) and way beyond other coffee machines that offer only 1 to 3 bars of pressure.

“As any coffee enthusiast knows, strong pressure is the key in extracting the full flavor and aroma of coffee and to create the foamy froth and rich crèma that add dimensions of flavor to any concoction,” Cruz pointed out.

Each Dolce Gusto capsule is sealed airtight for maximum freshness and contain only the highest quality ingredients like roast and ground 100 percent Arabica coffee, whole milk and even rich chocolate.

There are currently five variants available– Caffé Lungo (a long cup of full-bodied coffee with a rich aroma and a velvety crema layer); Cappuccino (a shot of espresso topped with deliciously sweet frothy milk), Mocha (rich coffee with a delightful chocolate twist); Vanilla Latte Macchiato (hot, frothy milk with a dash of vanilla flavouring and a cheeky shot of espresso) and Chococino, a rich velvety chocolate-and-milk made from flavorsome cocoa beans.
The machines are also capable of creating hot and cold coffee with cold variant capsules—and even tea coming out before the summer season.

Rediscover Coffee and check out the Dolce Gusto kiosks available at SM Supermarkets and Hypermarts, Rustans and other leading supermarkets in Metro Manila. Visit and like it on Facebook by visiting NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Philippines for more information.