Mikey Bustos’ successful transition from Youtube to mainstream TV

Since becoming the endorser of Chicharron ni Mang Juan, Youtube sensation Mikey Bustos has become a familiar face on television. Local showbiz seems to have embraced Mikey and his admirable talent, professionalism and attitude. His personal trip to spend last year’s holidays with his family in Tuguegarao has given him an even greater level of media exposure, and has led to a slew of job opportunities.

To date, Mikey has done radio tours with the country’s top FM stations and guested on several news and talk show programs and appeared on MYX as a guest VJ, among many other accomplishments. He also recently signed up with a local talent center and plans to extend his stay in the Philippines this year. “My main dream is to really entertain people and affect people through my art no matter what it is,” he shares. “I move to where work is and where can I best affect my audience. If that means I have to leave wherever I’m at, then I have to make it work.”

Like Mikey, the Mang Juan brand continues to gain a loyal following, especially now that it has its version of Shing-a-Ling in Pinoy Adobo and Asin ti Ilocos flavors and Kornicks in garlic flavor. “I’m looking forward to other Pinoy snacks Mang Juan will put a twist to,” he says. Due to the growing success of the Mang Juan brand, more people recognize him on the streets and have even been referring to him as “Mang Juan”. Always appreciative of the support he gets, Mikey reveals that his fans are the reason he strives to be better at what he does. “I hope my story and my creative works inspire them in positive ways,” he says.
Mikey’s exciting future plans. Mikey is excited about an upcoming online stint where he stars in Prison Dancer, a musical web series featuring other Pinoy YouTube celebrities. A surefire online hit, Prison Dancer is said to take inspiration from the hit Youtube phenomenon, the Dancing Inmates of Cebu. The 12-episode original web series is coming to viewers this March 2012, and aims to showcase Filipino talent and culture through the art of digital storytelling. Mikey has also been offered to become a mainstay in two local popular shows, and possibly a comedy series in one of the top networks.

Given all these projects, 2012 is shaping up to be a good year for Mikey and his growing fanbase who’ll have no problem getting their Mikey Bustos fix, best enjoyed when paired with a serving of Mang Juan snacks.

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