Megan Fox Hot..and Weird..

She may be one of the hottest women to walk God’s green earth and her picture on that motorcycle will be forever etched in my memory,(together with the events that happened the night of December 26, 2000), but I honestly am still having mixed feelings with this set of pictures of Megan Fox.

The photos were taken for the latest issue of Interview Magazine and it looks like she’s having her way with a mannequin version of herself.

Now, mannequins do scare the crap out of me, but it looks like Megan loved this one. She apparently even asked for the head of the one she posed with after the shoot. Apparently, she’ll be trying to trick her BF Brian Austin Green the next time he asks for “head” (eherm bad joke.) She should have just taken the entire mannequin instead.

“I’ll take the one in blue please.”

Touchdown Jesus burns

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