How did you come up with the Uncle Grandpa character in the first place and how do you describe him?
I wanted to create a character that was magical and could go and do anything. I had some really fun uncles growing up that would visit from time to time and I thought what if they were magical.
Uncle Grandpa is a magical, fun loving, positive guy that loves to help people and have a great time doing it.

Were you always planning to voice him and, if it hadn’t been you, who would you have imagined him to be voiced by?
I didn’t plan on it but it seemed to work the best for the character, so I got over my shyness and did it.
What’s your favourite episode/episodes to date?
I’m fond of all the episodes… But if I had to pick one I’d have to go with “Perfect Kid”.

What’s been the best thing to come out of Uncle Grandpa’s bag?
His Laser Hammer.

Why do you think kids can relate to the characters, even though Uncle Grandpa is an adult?
Probably because he’s silly, and acts and thinks like a kid.

What’s the best feedback you’ve had from parents about the show?
That their kids watch the episodes over and over again.

What kind of cartoons/animations did you love when you were growing up?
I loved cartoons from the 1930s, 1940s… Like Tex Avery and Looney Tunes. Also, I loved MAD Magazine and underground comics from the 1960s.

How big a role did online video play in getting the show off the ground?
I think it helped a bunch. A lot of people saw the pilot online and when something you make gets popular on the internet, it’s a good sign.

What was working on Adventure Time like?
I only worked very briefly on Adventure Time because I had to start developing my own show, but it was fun and crazy.

Do you think kids around the world enjoy the same jokes and funny stories?
Oh yeah! Uncle Grandpa is a very visual show and that type of humor speaks to all languages.

Would Uncle Grandpa ever swing by Australia/interact with any Australian animals?
It’s possible for sure and I bet he’d love the land down under! He’d probably get along with kangaroos because they both have pouches/Belly Bags.

Have you ever been to Asia? If so, what are your memories? If not, would you like to go there?
I’ve been to Korea and had a great time. The subways were really easy to navigate.

Do you have a message for kids living in the Philippines/Malaysia/Taiwan?
Good mornin’!!



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UNCLE GRANDPA (voiced by series creator Pete Browngardt):
Uncle Grandpa is everyone in the world’s uncle AND grandpa, and he travels around the world changing people’s lives forever. Even though he is an adult, he views the world through the eyes of a child and has a fantastic capacity to believe in everything. He doesn’t see the glass as half full or half empty – his glass is always full, and it’s always delicious. An eternal optimist, he has full faith in his abilities and knows everything will turn out okay, even though he rarely thinks things through. The rules of reality do not apply to Uncle Grandpa, and his insanely amazing magical powers always bring joy and wonder.

Belly Bag (voiced by Eric Bauza):
Belly Bag is Uncle Grandpa’s magical talking fanny pack and best friend, and they are literally joined at the hip, never going anywhere without each other. Belly Bag is a voice of reason in crazy situations, and Uncle Grandpa relies on him for advice. He is a realist, but he still provides Uncle Grandpa with exactly what he needs, no matter how off-the-wall.

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Mr. Gus (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson):
Mr. Gus is a dinosaur person who has seen everything in his million-plus years on the earth. Nothing fazes him, and he’s a normal guy in a sea of weirdness. He’s the strong one and is always ready and available when Uncle Grandpa needs a little muscle. Even though he’s a pessimist, he’s happy with Uncle Grandpa and will always be thankful to him for saving him from extinction when he was just a tiny egg.

Pizza Steve (voiced by Adam Devine of Workaholics):
Pizza Steve is a talking slice of pizza who wears sunglasses. He’s also the greatest person to ever live, at least according to himself. He is always trying to one-up everyone else, and no matter what skill you name, he’s the best at it. He’s also the best-looking guy in the universe, at least by his own account. Like all great egomaniacs, Pizza Steve’s egomania comes from a deep-seated insecurity.

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Giant Realistic Flying Tiger:
Giant Realistic Flying Tiger is the only girl in the RV and uses rainbow propulsion to get from place to place. She doesn’t speak, but all the other characters understand her roars and meows. Despite her ferocity, she is into all the typical stuff the average teen girl enjoys. She has a curious cat nature that can get her into trouble.

UG-RV: UG-RV is Uncle Grandpa’s magical home on wheels. It drives on its own all over the world, randomly crashing into who knows where. When it crashes, Uncle Grandpa knows that just beyond its front door is a person in need of his help. Inside the UG-RV is an endless playhouse of strange rooms and fun. It is filled with all the things Uncle Grandpa has collected over there years, and you never know what you’ll find next.