Jolly, Jazzy and Jumpin’ July Adventures

This rainy season Cartoon Network will take kids on mind-boggling adventures and have them rolling-on-the-floor laughing as the Channel offers all-new series and premieres in July. 

The out-of-this-world adventures start with the Ben 10 aliens in Alien Network on Saturdays, from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Each Saturday for seven consecutive weeks, a different alien species will take center stage with its very own back-to-back episodes marathon. Fans can sit back and revel in the Ben 10 universe, which will feature aliens from Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.

Kids can then take a jolly break with the premiere of Season 2 of The Garfield Show airing weeknights at 6:30pm. When he’s not gobbling lasagna, taking up couch space or toying with Odie, Garfield is busy being one hip Hollywood cat. Watch as this ultra lazy, funny and free spirited cat gets into all sorts of wacky misadventures. But wait, kids wanting even more comedy need to tune in to Angelo Rules, weekends at 9:00am, and get the low-down on how to get what they want, do what they want and become what they want. Using his clever plans, irreverent attitude, charmingly rebellious nature, boldness, optimistic stubbornness, and charisma, along with his two best friends, smarty-pants Sherwood and omni-tasker Lola, Angelo is re-writing the rules for kids. This is one must-watch show for any mischief lover.

More jumpin’ adventures are in store with the premiere of Naruto Season 3 airing weeknights at 9:30am. Naruto, an easy-going slacker student at the prestigious Ninja Academy, starts his internship with one goal in mind: to be the chief of the clan. As he unwillingly teams up with Sasuke and Sakure on a series of perilous missions, Naruto must face his own unfathomable secret misfortune as he tries to become the best of the best.

Weekends are going to be even sweeter and funnier with the all-new series The Smurfs every Saturday of the month at 8:00am. Travel to the little mushroom village and meet these three-apples-tall and carefree blue pixies. Talk Smurf with these peaceful creatures and get ready for some fun as they try to imitate humans
and stir up some hilarious problems.

Then get ready for robots, action heroes and just plain hilarity with all-new series Yatterman airing on weeknights at 7:30pm. A mysteriousvstone known as Skull Stone holds the power to reveal the location of the largest deposit of gold in the world.The evil Dorombo Gang, in pursuit of the stone, is constantly foiled by the hero of the series,Yatterman.

Get revved up on the action as Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 returns for a brand new season, every Sunday. At 1:00pm, get behind the wheel with Vert Wheeler as he leads the next generation of drivers against evil alien warrior species threatening the Earth. Using their weapons-loaded super-vehicles, the Battle Force 5 crew faces off with barbaric beast-like creatures and sinister robot driving machines in inter-dimensional realms at any time and in any place. Then at 6:00pm, go for a spin around the galaxy as the top racers gun for the title of the Universe’s number one racer on Scan2Go.

Cartoon Network fans can also enjoy jazzy fantasy adventures every Saturday with the Season 4 premiere of Winx Club at 2:00pm, followed by all-new series, Sugar Sugar Rune at 3:00pm. In the all-new season, the sassy fairies of Winx Club try their best to live grown-up lives – getting jobs, finding romance and opening a pet shop with magical pets. Then join the lovable, happy-go-lucky girl, Chocolat Meilleure as she goes on a head-on battle of magical powers with Vanilla Mieux to become Queen of the Demon Kingdom.

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