John Lloyd and his "official" love

Despite the storm of intrigues he had to face last year, it seems John Lloyd Cruz has survived almost unscathed by all the negative publicity.

With another box office hit in “Unofficially Yours” and the upcoming reunion movie with Sarah Geronimo, it looks like 2012 will be an even better year for the talented young actor.

And while waiting for his next big screen project, Jack ‘n’ Jill Magic is bringing  JLC’s magical talent and charisma to the small screen through its latest TV commercials.

In this new campaign, John Lloyd parodies Filipino romantic comedy, the genre he is best known for, and shows off more of his funnier side. The TV commercials depict John Lloyd playing the lovelorn leading man torn between “some girl” and his love for Magic Crackers. In one version, he enthuses that Magic Flakes is more than just the average crackers—it has a delicious taste and crunchy goodness that make him keep coming back for more. In another, the actor pays no heed to his leading lady’s hurt feelings, as Magic Creams’ rich & delectable fillings keep him preoccupied.  The series of commercials clearly shows that while girls may come and go in his life, his relationship with his favorite Magic Crackers will never waver.

“John Lloyd is known for his dramatic roles, so it’s very refreshing to see him take on comedy,” said Chris Fernandez, Universal Robina Corporation-Biscuits Marketing Director. “It’s also amazing how he can really create chemistry with his on-screen partner, no matter who she may be.”  At the shoot, John Lloyd proved why he is considered the best actor of his generation. “He was the consummate professional,” said Henry Frejas, who directed the TV commercials. “We relied heavily on his own creativity when it came to the delivery of the lines. For every take, he would give us a different delivery so we could pick and choose which one would work the best for the story.”

The director also said that John Lloyd’s boy-next-door persona is not only for show. “He was very personable. He would goof around and take pictures with the set men and props men. He makes it a point to mingle with everyone and initiate conversations just like any ordinary person,” Frejas added.

Much like Magic Crackers, which offers unlimited snacking possibilities, John Lloyd is able to captivate all kinds of audiences through his versatility as an actor. His ability to bring Magic into people’s lives on and off screen perfectly represents the brand’s essence. And just like John Lloyd, Magic Crackers has a versatile lineup of snacking options that will satisfy any kind of craving. Magic Flakes are crunchy plain crackers available in cheese, chocolate and onion chives flavors. Those with sweet tooth will surely be satisfied with Magic Creams bursting with thick butter, chocolate or peanut butter cream fillings. Sugar lovers will surely count Magic Roundwich, three round crackers loaded with thick chocolate, milk, and cheese cream fillings, among their favorites. Chocoholics can experience three times the magic with Magic Coated crackers, cream-filled chocolate crackers covered in chocolate coating. Magic Chips is just the thing for health-conscious folks with fondness for something crispy, crunchy and flavorful, as it is bursting with cheese or barbecue flavor without the guilt because it’s baked, not fried. Bring magic into your life and catch more of John Lloyd in the new Jack ‘n’ Jill Magic Crackers TVCs, now airing on various channels nationwide.

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