Job Zamora takes center stage with C2

Today’s young people are big dreamers. With their talents and youthful enthusiasm, they step out with confidence, ready to take on the path towards achieving their goals. With them on this journey is C2 Cool & Clean Green Tea, the country’s first and favorite ready-to-drink green tea drink. Made from 100% natural green tea leaves of Camellia sinensis, C2 Green Tea is brewed and bottled on the same day for optimum antioxidant benefits. In its latest campaign “Sarap ng Bukas”, the cool and clean drink raises a glass to young Filipinos who are molding their future by focusing their efforts on reaching their dreams.

Following his father’s dance steps

The pursuit of excellence is never an easy task. But for those who pursue it wholeheartedly and with passion, even the journey itself becomes a meaningful experience. That’s what 19-year-old Job Zamora remembers whenever he takes center stage and performs with everything he’s got to achieve his dream for a “Masarap na Bukas”. Job is the eldest son of famous local dancer Joshua Zamora of Maneuvers, and like his father, his heart beats for the love of dancing. “My dad inspired me. It was because of him that I became passionate about dancing. I grew up watching him dance at home and he brings me with him to rehearsals. I remember following his dance steps when I was five years-old,” he shares.

Stepping up for the future

Job understands that commitment plays an integral role in achieving a brighter future. He spends almost every weekday training and perfecting his skills and dance moves. “I train with my team, the De La Salle University Dance Company, from 6 to 9 pm to prepare for competition or events. Even if we don’t have appearances, we still train to improve our skills and stunts.” In his team, he serves as ministry head and is in charge of the spiritual development of the team. He is also the team’s ‘skills master’ since he helps in their skills development and is good at stunts and high-flying moves. “When I dance, I get to perform and bring back my talent to God. When we dance, we do it for His glory and to give inspiration to people.” Even at a young age, Job has firmly set his vision on his future. He wants to be a successful entrepreneur and teach dance at the same time. “Dancing will always be a part of my life.”

And part of his dancing dreams is his favorite C2 Green Tea. “To stay focused, I need to eat a lot because I burn calories easily with my lifestyle. I eat almost six times a day and always with my favorite drink C2 in lemon flavor. It’s my constant companion as I aspire for the ‘Sarap ng Bukas’ I dream of,” he shares. He also drinks C2 to refresh and rejuvenate his body during rehearsals. Job’s passion, commitment to excellence and his favorite refreshing and healthy drink C2 will no doubt open doors for him. And with his optimism and drive, his presence in the C2 “Sarap ng Bukas” TV campaign can inspire others to dream big today and achieve a better tomorrow with C2’s health-giving benefits.  He also rouses aspiring dancers to never give up in order to achieve the “Sarap ng Bukas” every dancer with a heart deserves.

C2 Cool and Clean Green Tea, made from 100% natural green tea leaves of Camellia sinensis, helps replenish the body’s supply of antioxidants to achieve sound health. It is brewed and bottled on the same day, capturing all the health giving nutrients of green tea. It comes in Classic, Apple, Lemon, Orange, Peach, Strawberry, and Forest Fruits flavors. It is available in grocery and convenience stores nationwide.

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