How P500 became a catalyst for this movement of change

After enjoying a fairly successful career in media and various business ventures, a failed investment left Alvin Sahagun jobless, peniless and struggling to make ends meet for his family.

But even during this lowest point in his life, Sahagun never stopped dreaming–and instead of just thinking of himself, he realized it was time for him to help others.

After his stint as a journalist at Radyo Veritas, Sahagun pursued his many other passions–becoming a representative for banks, dabbled in insurance and got involved in real estate.

He also worked for a printing press before eventually putting up his own printing company. This however proved to be a misstep as his company shut down leaving him jobless and barely able to provide for his family.

One day, after praying in church he met a former colleague who introduced him to networking.
This friend lent him P500 as a startup, which Sahagun was able to double, and multiplying it several times, earning him enough capital to establish another company called We Evolve Marketing Philippines.

The company distributes various skin care products including collagen, rejuvenating serum and many others–and this time it proved to be a success.

Using his experiences, Sahagun proved to be an effective mentor helping numerous people change thier lives through the Advocate Change Club.

The pandemic has given the organization more opportunities to help Filipinos and Sahagun decided to take the organization further with the creation of the MAHARLIKA Partylist.

maharlika partylist

MAHARLIKA stands for Malawakang Alyansa para sa Halaga ng kultura kasaysayang at Adbokasiya tungo sa Responsableng Liderato at Ideyolohiya ng Kahusayan at Asenso ng lahing Pilipino.

Established in 2017, the organization is composed of members from all over the country who aspire to help preserve the rich culture and history of the Philippines.

The organization hopes to uplift the standard of life of all Filipinos through skill development to help strenghten the community.

MAHARLIKA hopes to pursue reforms that will uplift the standard of filipino lives centered on three K’s Kasanayan (skills) Kabuhayan (livelihood) Kaunlaran (Development)

Kasanayan–The partylist seeks to give equal opportunity to all Filipinos including our indigenous people to improve their skills, talents, and education through free training.

Kabuhayan– As Sahagun believes that business is way to prosperity, Maharlika hopes to involve more Pinoys in business to strengthen financial institutions and initiate social entrepreneruship programs where ordinary Filipinos can invest and earn.

Kaunlaran – Establish the identity, history and rich culture as a Maharlikang Pilipino and make that sense of pride the foundation of continued progress.

Sahagun the first nominee of the partylist is himself part of the indigenous people of the Aetas of Zambales.
At the formal launch of the Partylist, Sahagun was joined by Lloyd Luna and 2nd nominee James Salas.

“Our dream is to make the Philippines a first-world country, but that would be impossible if our population is poor,” Sahagun pointed out.

“The partylist believes that the marginalized sector can contribute a lot to the country because of their experiences. Marami na rin umangat ang buhay sa pamamagitan ng patnubay at gabay sa pagnenegosyo.”

“My story is the same story of many working Filipinos–masipag magtrabaho pero walang pambayad ng renta, kulang ang pambayad ng kuryente, walang maiuwi halos dahil sa taas ng presyo ng bilihin. We all felt that desperation, and the government, which is supposed to help us–sometimes sila pa ang nangigipit sa atin.” But in the end, just like my story, there are also those who found success through the support and help from others and we want those stories to inspire.”

Sahagun and the organization also aspires to instill pride in our rich heritage and culture and establish the Filipino as a MAHARLIKA and use this identity to unite the country toward working for progress.

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