Here are easy and different ways to enjoy ice cream products from Aice this Christmas

With the Christmas season fast-approaching, families are definitely getting their holiday preparations in and feeling the high spirits this festive season brings. After all, the holiday season is for friends, family… and ice cream!

While many of us see ice cream as treats strictly for the summer, Aice has unique products and flavors that will surely make you think twice. Whether you’re looking for a fun, new way to indulge in a festive treat or on the hunt for a tasty dessert to make for your holiday gathering, here are easy and different ways to enjoy ice cream products from Aice this Christmas.

  1. Start your Christmas morning with Aice

Aice has different coffee-flavored ice cream that can give you that extra boost of energy on Christmas morning, such as the Coffee Macchiato made with real premium coffee that you can either enjoy as ice cream or melt down and drink as actual coffee! You can also try Coffee Crispy, which is cappuccino-flavored and covered in crispy chocolate coating.

If you’re not much of a coffee lover, you can also start your day with the Milk Stick, healthy and refreshing milk ice cream with a soft pudding texture.

  1. Make different recipes and treats with Aice ice cream 

With a wide variety of flavors and kinds of ice cream to choose from, you are sure to enjoy these easy recipes to make your holiday sweeter!

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Aice Chocolate Crispy Milk Shake

Aice Mochi Ice Cream Sandwich 

Aice Ice Cream Float

Aice Affogato

Aice Fruity Smoothie

  1. Include unique ice cream products in your Noche Buena and Media Noche spreads

While you and your family prepare your holiday eve spread, why don’t you give it a seasonal twist this year? Aice’s unique ice cream flavors will definitely make your holiday celebrations more colorful and festive, with products such as Fruit Twister, Taro Crispy, Blueberry as well as Sweet Corn that not only tastes like real corn, but is also wrapped in a corn-shaped soft cone. 

  1. Use it in games during your family reunion

A truly different way to enjoy ice cream is to use it in games and bring out the competitive nature of your friends and family through a speed eating contest! Line up all the ice cream lovers in your gathering and give them each an Aice product to see who can finish and enjoy it the quickest. For this game, you can give them the different Crispy flavors which are stick ice cream with chocolate coating and crunchy biscuits or the different flavors from the Crispy Cone Series too!

In addition to these fun ways to enjoy ice cream this holiday season, the most important is to bring happiness to everyone through Aice ice cream. Share the love of ice cream with your family and friends so that each of them can find their personal favorites — like the Strawberry Crispy, Miki Miki, Chocolate 2 Colors Stick, and more. With so many different kinds of products and whether it comes in a stick, cone, cup, or tub — all of these can surely be enjoyed with everyone this holiday season!

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