GOYA reveals winners of Taste of World Class promo!

Goya recently concluded its online promo where its fans got the chance to win tickets to London, San Francisco, New York, and the grand prize of an all-expense paid trip to Paris. Goya got more than 16,000 entries in the contest, four lucky winners were drawn.

(L-R:) 1) Jose Nilo Chincuanco, President-Director, Delfi Philippines 2) Lynmichelle Bautista, winner of roundtrip tickets to New York, USA 3) Mildred G. Castro, winner of roundtrip tickets to San Francisco, USA 4) Samartino Santera, winner of all-expense paid trip to Paris, France 5) Eileen P. Bayron, winner of roundtrip tickets to London, England 6) Renee Bernardo, Marketing Director, Delfi Philippines

“The objective of the Goya online promo is tied up with the campaign of Goya being a world-class chocolate brand,” Delfi PhilippinesPresident-Director,Jose Nilo Chincuanco, said, “and we also want the Filipino people to experience what world-class is all about. Goya has come a long way from being a local brand to the present, where it is now competing with other international chocolate brands. Because of its quality and taste, you could consider that it has leveled up to be a world-class brand.”

Almost all the winners saw the online promo through social media, except for Mildred Castro, winner of the Trip to San Francisco. She was doing her regular visit to a grocery store when she saw about the promo. “I was buying all the stuff I need, and of course chocolates because I love them, when I saw the promo with Pia Wurtzbach on the Goya Dark Chocolate wrapper. It’s kind of amazing that I didn’t see this first on social media, so I immediately liked the Goya Facebook page and waited for the start of the contest.” Mildred said. For Eileen Bayron, winner of the Trip to London, she didn’t hesitate to join, “I saw the mechanics and it was very easy to join, so I thought, why not try it out.”

The winners couldn’t believe it when a Goya representative called them to announce the good news. Some were even a little skeptical, like 19-year old winner of the All-Expense Paid Trip to Paris, Samartino “RS” Santera. “I was really careful whether or not it was true or something else. When everything sank in and I realized that I was indeed a winner. Of course, I was surprised and glad. Among so many who joined, I was one of the lucky winners of the contest.”

For Lynmichelle Bautista, winner of the Trip to New York, the call just made her day, “I was beyond joy when Goya called me about winning the prize. I was coming out of my dentist appointment that day, and I couldn’t help but smile all the way through my trip home.”

Goya chocolates has been a part of many people’s childhoods, including winner   Lynmichelle. She recalls, “Back when I was younger, Goya was one of our favorite snacks.” and she could still remember how these chocolates were wrapped in foil. Eileen also shared “We used to have a small store and I can remember my grandparents selling Goya chocolates”. At present, Goya continues to create memories and satisfy chocolate cravings even in the younger generation. Youngster RS said, “I really like Goya’s Almonds in Milk Chocolate, and I also look for Goya Dark Chocolate whenever I go to the store.”

Winning this contest meant so much to Lynmichelle, who shared “I was very hopeful that I would win. It would be a great gift for me and my husband to celebrate our 17thwedding anniversary”. To most of the winners, this made them have faith in online contests, “I never really expected to win but when I did, now I believe that it is for real. And just like Pia Wurtzbach, Goya chocolates and its contest are definitely world-class,” Mildred shared.

“We are very happy that the campaign was successful beyond our expectations.” Mr. Chincuanco said. “Rest assured that Goya fans will still have something instore for them in the future.” Goya will definitely think of ways where fans can enjoy their chocolates and be rewardedat the same time.


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