Go Toonix!

Pinoy kids create byte-sized toons of themselves

THERE’S a new breed of funny inhabiting the digital world in the Philippines! Meet Toonix, Cartoon Network’s impossibly cool digital avatars that allow kids to amplify their personalities through 160 million online mix ‘n’ match combinations.

With no two alike, the byte-sized Toonix are as unique as their creators; and since bursting onto screens globally, over 10 million have been unleashed. Fully customizable, Toonix come in all sorts of colors, patterns and expressions – and feature a myriad of quirky accessories to reflect their creator’s moods, the weather and the latest fashion.

To celebrate their arrival in Asia Pacific and welcome summer, Toonix presents Toonilicious, a comedy and adventure-filled programming block on Cartoon Network featuring all-new shows Adventure Time with Finn & Jake, a sneak peek of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, and new episodes of everyone’s favorite apprentice chef, Chowder.

It’s total Toonix madness as the Channel looks for the coolest, the most colorful, or perhaps the wackiest self portrait out there! Cartoon Network is inviting kids to showcase their online personalities to the world, during the Channel’s Totally Toonix Gallery. Running from late May for seven weeks, kids simply log onto CartoonNetwork.com.ph, register, create a Toonix to match the given themes and submit them to Cartoon Network to show off their masterpiece! The Toonix who get the most votes for matching the themes the closest will win a host of limited edition prizes.

Be sure to look out for surprise guest appearances by Toonix, as they pop up on the screen to entertain viewers with their quirky behavior! Kids who spot one of the unique Toonix characters appearing on their TV screens can register online or SMS Cartoon Network to win the ultimate prize pack comprising personalized goodies featuring their Toonix – hoodies, mousepads, binders, and skateboards are just some of the prizes up for grabs.

Log on to CartoonNetwork.com.ph/ toonix to join the Cartoon Network Club and Toonix Your Imagination!