Give your kids a Goldi-good time this Summer with the Goldilocks Junior Kiddie Crew workshops

It was one of those Sunday dinners. I was with my parents, my sister and my nephew Calvin. We had just been seated at Sweet Chilis at Fisher Mall, when I noticed Calvin, who had borrowed a pen from my mom, seriously filling out some kind of form.

He was trying to hide it at first, but then I saw the same flyer when we passed by Goldilocks which was beside Sweet Chilis. Calvin was filling out the application for Goldilocks Junior Crew, and the funny thing was he had just “graduated” the week before.



The country’s number one bakeshop recently set the stage for one sure sweet summer memory for kids as it launched the very first Goldilocks Junior Crew summer workshop.

Last April 20, Goldilocks formally started the workshop and Calvin, in his white uniform and yellow apron was part of the very first batch of Kiddie Crew.

On the first day, the activities began with the kids introducing themselves before taking a tour of the  kitchen. Later on, they greeted mall goers, and observed as the cashier attended to the customers and even assisted the crew.  They also had art lessons and had a chance to share their talents as well.

In the two days that I visited, I witnessed just how Calvin and his fellow kiddie crew members interacted with each other, playing games, doing chores and even assisted some very surprised customers. Calvin would always come home tired but very happy and with a lot of stories, like being named Best Greeter and that one time when he sold an entire box of egg pie!

I knew he had a lot of fun during those five days, because even though he had to travel from his school in QC all the way to Megamall, sometimes skipping lunch, he was always excited to wear his Goldilocks toque and apron.

He would even proudly recite this Goldilockspoem to us:

I am happy to serve my customers,
I will show respect towards my friends,
I will spread joy to everyone.
I am a junior crew, smart, hardworking and kind!

The aim of the workshop was to teach parents and kids the value of hardwork and responsibility but most importantly let the kids have lots of fun.

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The Goldilocks Junior Crew is open to kids ages 6-12. They will learn first—hand what it’s like to be behind the scenes of the country’s number one bakeshop. In addition to an educational immersion store experience, children will get to participate in various games and art sessions, as well as the fan favorite Goldilocks Decorate Your Cake activity. The workshop takes place over the course of five days, with two hours each day devoted to learning responsibility and enjoying the experience.

Cherry Caluya, the Marketing Director of Goldilocks Philippines, said, “Throughout the entire history of our brand, Goldilocks has always been about bringing smiles to the faces of children. We’ve always seen their happiness at Goldilocks as our responsibility, and with the Goldilocks Junior Crew Workshops, a big part of our goal is making sure that we set a good example for them.”

The registration fee of P550 is inclusive of a Goldilocks Junior Crew uniform, art materials, meals, and a certificate of participation.

To find out more, please visit httg:// or visit the Goldilocks Facebook page at httg://

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