Gameclub invades SM Marikina

Virtual armies, warriors and romantics are expected to take over the grounds of SM Marikina on August 28 and 29 as Gameclub holds a four-way live event for its loyal gamers. 
The top clans from Special Force will be showcasing their fragging skills at the finals of the Cyberzone Gaming Championship, to find out the best soldiers of the game. All matches will be broadcast in real time and on the big screen so that the audience will be able to appreciate the intense fragfest. The Cyberzone Gaming Championship is a nationwide tournament that began on July 24.

The gamers of Weapons of War may be holding its grand eyeball, but that doesn’t mean their crusades will be put on hold. Sixteen teams are poised for an intense PVP battle in the Dragon Moon server to decide who truly are the best weapons. 

Not to be outdone, warriors of Twelve Sky 2 will also be doing battle in the House Wars Tournament and the Duel Master to celebrate its first anniversary. 

The weekend, however, will not entirely be for fierce competitions. Love will still linger in air courtesy of the romantics of iDate. After the on-line romance, it’s time to step into the real world through the game’s most requested event—the IDate Got Talent! Players will transform into their avatars and strut their stuff for a chance to win exciting prizes and premium items. There will also be an iDate Dance Showdown for players to perform their virtual dance steps on the real dance floor. 

All participating games will be giving away premium in-game items, Skull Candy headsets, Skull Candy earphones and Draven apparels.  So, if you are a Gameclub gamer, mark your calendars and be part of Gameclub’s history! 

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The Cross Fire Pride of Champions tournament series is gearing up for its final leg to determine who gets the chance to represent the Philippines in the Cross Fire World Championship in China. The competition is part of the World e-Masters gaming league tournament wherein $28,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs. Four teams have already qualified for the National Finals namely “Saints,” “Team LOKO,” “MOTV” and “FG Wolves” while the remaining four will emerge from the on-going CF PRIDE National Qualifiers. These eight teams will clash on August 29, for the finals. 

Cross Fire is a military first-person shooter online game published by Gameclub where players can play the role of fictional mercenaries from elite special forces around the world. The game features the fast-paced action and unique game modes such as “Ghost Mode,” “Zombie Mode,” and the upcoming “Escape Mode” with destructible objects in-game. 

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‘SVR 2011’ preview

If at first you do succeed, make sure there’s a sequel.

Love them or hate them, sequels are one of the easiest ways to measure the success of a game. 

From the Mario Bros., Final Fantasy, Pokemon to the now obligatory yearly football and basketball games, part twos pretty much dictate the birth of a franchise. Though the number of sequels don’t necessarily translate to a great franchise, they do bridge generations of gamers and keep us fanboys happy.

As my two loyal readers know, I’m a big wrestling fan—a WWE fan to be more precise. And as much as I hate to admit that I have been losing interest in their TV programs for the past couple of years, my devotion to the Smackdown vs. RAW (SVR) series has never waned. In fact, I think it is only SVR that has prevented me from thoroughly abandoning the WWE.

The series has had its misses in 2007 and 2008, but thankfully recovered some momentum last year. This year, SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 returns with a new physics engine, an improved Hell in a Cell match and the addition of “Universe” mode. 

The improved physics engine for one will provide more realistic ring interaction between your superstar and the ringside weapons. Now hitting your opponent with weapons will look more painful and irish-whipping them into tables will now shatter it into pieces instead of your opponent just sliding through. You can even prop the ladder on the ropes and using it as a launch pad for your aerial moves. 

Speaking of moves, the canned animations are now a thing of the past and you cannot just watch your wrestler finish his move as there are now more reversals available. On the other hand, the strong grapple modifier is gone. If you want to pull off your big moves, you first have to earn it by performing chain grapples and wear your opponent down. Remember how automatic pin moves can be so annoying? Now, you have the option to control it as well. When you do a suplex or slam, a button prompt will appear in case you want to hook the leg and go for a three-count or just drop him on the mat. You can also position your opponent in the tree of woe or hoist him up on the turnbuckle separately from your attacks.

The biggest change on the move front is in executing your finisher. Opponents don’t have to be dazed for you to pull it off. All you have to do is have your special move ready to go, and walk over and hit the Finisher button. They can and will still reverse your move, but you don’t have to go on chasing them just to dizzy them up.

The Hell in a Cell (HIAC) has always been my favorite match and this year the cage will cover a much larger area. The expansion allows for weapons to be used outside the ring, as well as cage-specific slams and finishing moves in which superstars are thrown through the sides or top of the cage. 

Another cool addition to HIAC is that the door has been removed from the cell. The only way to get out now is to perform opponent-hurling moves into the wall closest to the announce table and barrel through the steel. 

The new Universe mode sounds very exciting and could even be better than Road to Wrestlemania career mode. To capture its “This is your moment” tagline, SvR 2011 will focus more on the notorious life of a wrestler, including a free roaming backstage area where you can train, form alliances, and pick fights.

The game will automatically generate an event calendar for players and dynamically adjusts the fight ticket and venue based on in-game performance and story decisions. The Universe main menu displays the upcoming matches and rankings with red down arrows and green up arrows denoting the superstar’s current standing. The ultimate goal of Universe is to win enough matches to set up pay-per-view title fights and increase a wrestler’s standing.

Universe mode will be fully customizable and will allow players to change matches and put together teams manually. It also allows players to choose villains and heroes or allies and enemies. Allies will help during gameplay by interceding in matches on your behalf, while villains will do the opposite. Your actions will also affect the end match cutscenes, which are generated in engine based on alliances and enemies. 

Road to WrestleMania will be the new story mode for SVR 2011 and will have an extensive free-roaming backstage area. Exploring the backstage area is like being in a living wrestling world where you can enter various rooms and interact with other wrestlers.

SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 is shaping up to be a real great game, hopefully all these changes will be properly implemented in time for its October release.

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Datablitz pick of the week

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (PS3)

After a simple job goes wrong, Kane and Lynch find themselves wanted by the entire Shanghai underworld. Lynch is living the good life as a henchman in Shanghai, where he has settled down with his girlfriend. He’s involved in a big arms deal but needs help to make it happen. Kane is a wanderer, an ex-mercenary with family problems who needs to get away. 

Despite their differences, Lynch calls him for help. Once together, they set-off a chain of events over two days, as the deal falls apart and Kane and Lynch face the consequences the hard way.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a raw and brutal crime shooter designed to take players on an even more intense story experience, following two of gaming’s most disturbed criminals, through the gritty Shanghai underworld. Introducing a new visual experience, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is inspired by documentary filmmakers and the user-generated era. Every aspect of the game has been designed to deliver a fresh perspective to the words “intensity” and “realism” in videogames.

* * *
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