diED and went to ToyCon heaven

If heaven is supposed to be the way you want it to be, then mine would look very much like the 2010 ToyConvention–except with a lot more girls in costume and I’m the only guy. (Coz i dont wanna share my toys 🙂

The 9th ToyCon at the MegaMall last weekend was a huge success not only in terms of attendance but also with regards to the program and booths that participated.

(pix from richie dela merced)
As usual it was the Cosplayers who took most of the attention especially during the first day when Cosplay Royalty Alodia and Ashley graced the event. Day two was a group cosplay competition and the teams i saw were mostly from Anime shows.

There were a lot of good buys, and i tried my darn best to control the urge to buy anything (except for the toycon shirt). See you next year Megatron (Armada) hopefully you’re still available and cheaper by then. 

Who would have thought the Flash had these many toys variants?

This fully functional R2D2 costs as much as a second-hand car and took almost two years to build according to the owner.

Met upcoming cosplay star Chienna Filomeno who looked quite nervous when i asked her for a pix … hayz..masasanay din siguro siya after a few more events. Buti pa si Darth Vader nagpapayakap.

Supergirl was walking all alone…where were her Super Friends?

The Axe booth and the Axe girls…. What would the world be without them?
Buti na lang they kept spraying people with Axe… they sure made the venue smell much much better.

I had a blast at the ToyCon and would have stayed much longer, kaya lang i was really tired the night before. Hopefully by next year, the entrance fee of P100 would come with a sort of souvenir item, kahit man lang ID lace or small poster– im sure the organizers naman did good on the ticket sales alone. Kaya lang mukhang nagkakagulo na ang mga organizers at nagbabatuhan sa facebook…easy lang guys.

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