Cinema One is proud to announce its formidable line-up for Cinema One Originals 2012. Now on its 8th year, Cinema One Originals is the annual flagship event of the number  one cable channel in the Philippines. This highly anticipated project wishes to showcase our local talents and the diverse voices of the local independent cinema. The entries submitted early this year were meticulously screened and selected by the Cinema One Originals 2012 Selection Committee members: Teddy Co, Sherad  Anthony Sanchez, Veronica Velasco, Jennifer Laurel, Oggs Cruz, Raymond Diamzon, Raymond Lee, Kathleen Pador and Ronald Arguelles. Winners from the past years have achieved local and global recognition, have been nominated and won awards in various film festivals worldwide.

”Cinema One levels up each year and continues to discover new talents while presenting original Filipino stories in various genres. This is a highly anticipated project as we have seven first-time feature length debuts and a trio of entertaining dramatic themes tackled by world-class filmmakers in the new division of Php 2M budget.  We are also breaking new ground as we offer more voices from the different regions of the country. The best thing about this year is that we have more titles for production that’s why we’re all so excited.  There will definitely be more work for us but it’s all worth it,” said Cinema One channel head Ronald Arguelles.

For this year, three proposed projects shall be awarded with a Php 2M production budget each and ten proposed projects with a budget of Php 1M each and shall start production this month.

The three finalists for the Php 2M production budget are: MARIPOSA SA HAWLA NG GABI by Richard Somes is a tale of an innocent woman who unravels horrible truths while in search of her long lost sister in the city; LOURDES by Adolfo Alix, Jr. is about a typical Filipino mother in a non-stereotypical kind of profession, living a dark shadowy life in Manila City’s underground ; BAYBAYIN by Auraeus Solito is  a unique tale of two half sisters who fall in love with a man who can’t hear and speak to them, proof that love can speak even in silence.

 The ten finalists for the 1M production budget are: ANG PAGLALAKBAY NG MGA BITUIN SA GABING MADILIM by Arnel Mardoquio is about a boy’s journey to safety after his parents are killed in a gun war. On his way, overwhelming discoveries are made in his travel by sea ;CATNIP by Kevin Dayrit is a psychological film on two friends  who despite their differences find comfort in being together ;
MELODRAMA NEGRA by Ma. Isabel Legarda is a black comedy which follows the “life” of three dead people who find unanticipated things in the acclaimed City of Stars – Quezon City;  SLUMBER PARTY by Emmanuel Dela Cruz  is a riotous comedy about fraternity initiations and homosexuality; PASCALINA by Pam Miras is another yet untypical story of a simple girl who after visiting her dying aunt experiences changes in her life that will push her to the edge of madness and monstrosity;  ANAK ARAW by Gym Lumbera is a fable that talks about the colonial illusion of an albino who believes that he is a son of an American. He starts learning English but explosions happen whenever he speaks it;  MEKANIKO NI MONICA by Cesar Hernando is set in the 50’s and is about a man who struggles between fighting for his love for country and his new found love ; ABERYA by Christian Linaban is about love, sex, and psychedelic potions which intertwine the lives of four people in one night; PALITAN by Ato Bautista has claustrophobic locations as its backdrop to depict the life of lovers who find themselves asphyxiated and trapped in an erotic triangle; and MAMAY UMENG by Dwein Baltazar is about an 84-year-old woman who is alone and waiting , prays not for long life, but for a fast escape.

By November 2012, these films will be publicly screened and will compete against each other in the Cinema One Originals 2012 awards night. For more information, visit Cinema One’s official Facebook Page,

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