Bayani Agbayani turns into action hero #YanWick in new endorsement for Home Suite

From hosting noontime shows such as SST, Magandang Tanghali Bayan, starring in hit  movies like “Pera o Bayong”, “Mana Mana, Tiba Tiba”, Otso Otso, Pamela Mela-Wan, more recently Feelennial, and sitcoms such as “Super Laff In”, “Kaya ni Mister, Kaya ni Misis” and “Okay, Fine! Whatever!, and being one of the wittiest SING-Vestigators in I Can See Your Voice, Bayani Agbayani has proven himself to be one of the most enduring and bankable comedians in the local entertainment industry.

Now, Bayani takes on a totally different genre as he transforms into Yan Wick, the badass action hero trying to protect his home from the bad guys. In the teaser video shown to us earlier, Bayani, fights off the home invaders with punches, kicks and flips– armed with only a pencil ala Keannu Reeves’ John Wick character. The result is an action packed yet hilarious TVC we can’t wait to see in its entirety.

Bayani was introduced as the newest celebrity endorser of furniture brand Home Suite and the videos are part of a digital campaign campaign that aims to showcase the different furniture pieces of the brand.

But more than just his comedic timing and his popularity, CLC Marketing Ventures Corp., the company behind Home Suite, said they chose Bayani because he personifies what their furniture stands for and also share their vision of helping the less fortunate Filipinos in need.

CLC COO Charles Lester Ching

“Throughout his career, Bayani, through his comedy has always made us laugh, whenever you are feeling down or na-istress ka, kapag nakikita mo si Bayani, mapapangiti ka, just like our furniture provides comfort…upo ka lang sa sofa or higa ka sa bed, marerelax ka agad,” explained Charles Lester Ching, COO of CLC Marketing Ventures.

The other reason is because like Bayani, CLC Marketing Ventures is also an active contributor to a lot of outreach programs of various TV shows, always ready to help Filipino families who have been victims to fire and other natural calamities, or even those who just want to achieve their dreams.

Bayani, on his part shared that he has been anonymously helping the cancer patients at the National Children’s Hospital. “Dati pa po yun, sa National Children’s Hospital, nagdadala po ako nung mga napapalnaulan ko sa mga contests sa TV at yung mga sobrang biyayang nabibigay sa akin. Pero di ko na po pinapasabi yun, ang hinihiling ko lang ay yung ipagdasal kami ng aming pamilya na wag magkakasakit.”

As for his favorite Home Suite furniture, Bayani says is it is his bed, “Kapag nakahiga na ako dun, I feel like a king.”

We believe Bayani’s reputation of providing high-quality entertainment is synonymous to Home Suite’s values in terms of providing families the best in locally manufactured high-quality home furniture. Home Suite takes pride in distributing home furniture such as metal beds, dining sets, sala sets, sofa beds and home accessories in all leading department stores nationwide

Thrilling moments ahead with the start of this fascinating partnership with Home Suite and Bayani Agbayani so keep updated with Home Suite’s official social media accounts to know more!

Just like the high-quality entertainment and fun laughter that comes in mind when the name Bayani Agbayani is mentioned, Home Suite is beyond joyful and excited to work with Bayani.

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