Autodesk helps Pinoy Game Developers

Autodesk Inc. raises the expertise of Filipino content creators in the mobile gaming sector as they brought in mobile gaming development veteran and Autodesk Certified Instructor Carl Callewaert.
Leveraging on Carl Callewaert’s experience and technical expertise in mobile gaming development, Autodesk aims to arm Filipino developers with cutting-edge design solutions and technical know-how. This will enable local talents to create world-class projects that will be played and raved upon here and abroad.
Callewaert has been in the gaming development industry for almost a decade and has made remarkable contributions in the sector. He founded Fundi3D—sa company that designs and creates games, serious games, 3D visualization and art assets for a range of platforms from online to console. Aside from this, he has contributed in spreading industry knowledge to the academe by developing an instructional DVD for the academe entitled 3D and Game Engine. He also founded the college The Gaming and Animation Institute of Fredericton. Lastly, he helped develop Autodesk’s game curriculum 3ds Max and Maya with Unity.
According to Autodesk Philippines Country Manager Teddy Tiu, this is the most opportune moment that we start harnessing and developing local talents by giving them the technical knowledge and innovative design technologies from Autodesk to become globally competitive mobile content developers.
Tiu also highlighted that Autodesk’s design solutions will enable designers and developers create more innovative and immersive gaming experience tools. Autodesk’s Digital Entertainment Creation suite, which includes Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya and MotionBuilder will enable game developers to create high quality and visually engaging animation content for mobile games.
“The Filipinos have showcased their rich talent in visual design. With the release of the first full-length 3D film last year, we at Autodesk are confident that Carl’s technical expertise and Autodesk’s design solutions will present new opportunities for growth for the local gaming development sector; and perhaps help bring Filipino designers and developers at the forefront of the gaming development sector in the global market,” concludes Tiu.


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