Amid controversies TV 5 intent on signing Nora for 3 years

From personal and professional relationships, talent fees and renewed rivalries, Superstar Nora Aunor continues to remain a magnet for controversies.

A few days ago, the Superstar again found herself in the news after the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) reacted to a magazine cover that shows her holding a cigarette. According to news reports, the PMA criticized saying it seemingly encourages smoking and portrays a negative image for celebrities in the country.

“The Filipino reading public is not dumb… If you want to be popular again, be wholesome,” reacted
Fr. Robert Reyes, a PMA volunteer. “You (celebrities) are supposed to inspire and not scandalize us.”
 “Nora, you are ill-advised. You think you are moving forward, it’s a step backwards,” the outspoken priest added.

The magazine, however, defended its cover choice stating that the photo “best captures the iconic star as she is today.”

But despite all the negative publicity that continue to hound her, it seems that TV5 remains intent on helping Ms. Aunor regain her true Superstar status– offering her an exclusive three-year contract that includes a full-length television series and a movie.

“TV5 has been very supportive and has truly shown their respect and love to me. That’s why, I’d like to show how thankful I am by working with them again,” Nora said in Filipino after the red carpet screening of Sa Ngalan ng Ina’s pilot episode at the Cinema 2 of SM City The Block last week.

Nora adds that she didn’t have any second thoughts when the offer was made to her saying, “It’s different when you know that you’re working with people who care about you, walang problema at walang mga intriga, lahat masaya (there are no problems, no intrigues and everyone is just happy).”
The formal signing has not been set although she is expected to sign the contract before she returns to the US after shooting her mini-series and movie commitments.

“It has always been a dream for us (TV5) to work with someone as talented as Ate Guy,” TV5 head of creative and entertainment production Perci Intalan told reporters, adding that Nora has truly been a consummate professional while working on the four-week mini-series. Intalan even praised Nora for being so appreciative of their efforts. “Whenever we would do something for her, she would immediately send me a lengthy text message of thanks, this just shows that she is truly enjoying being a kapatid.”

Pioneering another first in Philippine television, the mini-series Sa Ngalan ng Ina, impressed the audience for its quick pacing, scenic locations and the naturally superb acting of Ms. Aunor as well as the entire cast.

The much-awaited “mini-serye” boasts of a one-of-a-kind story of love, family and political responsibility, and offers a new and advanced approach to TV viewing as the scenes are shot in full high-definition (HD) quality.

Sa Ngalan ng Ina tells the compelling story of Elena Deogracias (Nora Aunor), a quiet but intelligent and strong-willed woman who is elected as Governor of their province. She never dreamt of getting into politics and she has to endure all the insults and discouragements thrown her way, but it is a position entrusted to her by the people and she vows to give it her all.

Portraying the role of the two most important men in Elena’s life are Bembol Roco as her husband Armando Deogracias, who is known as “Amang” in their town; and Christopher De Leon as Pepe Ilustre, a man from her past.

Completing the powerhouse cast are Rosanna Roces, Ian De Leon, Nadine Samonte, Alwyn Uytingco, Edgar Allan Guzman, Eula Caballero, Karel Marquez, Joross Gamboa, Jay Aquitania, and Eugene Domingo.

According to a release, the mini-serye hopes to broaden every viewer’s perspective on the depth of a mother’s love for her family and a woman’s irrepressible passion to mold a better society.

Although the pilot lasted only lasted for 45 minutes, it immediately showcased the grand production values and the excellent directorial work of Mario O’Hara (Nora’s favorite director) and Jon Red. Some members of the audience even noted the similarities of Nora’s character to that of the late President Cory Aquino.

watch the trailer below:

Sa Ngalan ng Ina airs weeknights after Wil Time Bigtime starting Monday October 3, on TV5.

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