Alternative Nobel Prize Awardee holds Workshop Courage

At a time in the nation’s history when the integrity of leaders are challenged and each Filipino is encouraged to be more patriotic, MISSION which stands for Movement of Imaginals for a Sustainable Society through Initiatives, Organizing and Networking, invites everyone to attend Workshop Courage: Mastering Ourselves and Rebuilding Societies on February 29-March 1, from 9 am to 5pm at the 5th Floor Function Room of 3 Salcedo Place on Tordesillas Street, Salcedo Village in Makati City.

MISSION is a movement spearheaded by renowned author, global leader, Alternative Nobel Prize Awardee and environmentalist Nick Perlas. Workshop Courage is described by organizers as a “life-changing and empowering workshop on tapping the ‘imaginal’ self to create sustainable societies through emergent dialogue.”  Mr.  Perlas, himself, will facilitate the workshop.

“Imaginal” is a word that comes from the field of biology. It pertains to the “imaginal cells” that come together and form the tissue, the organ and so on and so forth, until it becomes the wonderful organism called the butterfly. The word “imaginal” captures the process of inner change and self-transformation needed to attain an authentic development in society.

MISSION has successfully conducted a series of Workshop Courage in key areas of the Philippines as well as the U.S. and Europe. This workshop aims arm the individual with skills to awaken the creative “imaginal” and become a true agent of change.

A workshop fee of only P500 (to cover for the rental of the venue) will be charged each participant.  For reservations and details, contact 0920-9064793. Seating is limited so please confirm your slot early.

As a supplementary resource to the experiential Workshop Courage, check out the book by Nick Perlas entitled Mission Possible! Sow Courage, Harvest a New World which illustrates how personal mastery can empower a person to achieve one’s highest potential and rebuild societies. The book is available at National Bookstore and other major bookstores.  For more information on MISSION, log on to

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