Nickelodeon keeps weekdays from being boring as it blows up the viewing excitement with an all-new series, an original TV movie and a special twist to an old favorite.

First on the list is Fred Figglehorn, a not-so-typical teenager going through life one adventure at a time. It’s hard to keep a straight face when you’ve got Fred, with his crazy antics and over-the-top babbling, facing everyday disasters in the most entertaining way possible¾whether it’s getting stuck babysitting Grandma or dodging his nemesis Kevin. The 30-minute comedic showcase also introduces Fred’s trusty sidekick Bertha, played by Victorious’ Daniella Monet. Watch it all go down as the premiere of Fred, The Show comes really really really soon on August 9 at 8:00pm!

Nick cooks up another awesome TV movie, this time featuring Charlie, a teen with rock star dreams held back by a mean set of stepsiblings and an even meaner stepfather. On the glitzier side of the tracks, pop music royalty Kadee Worth struggles to find true happiness amidst superstardom, as her overbearing record executive father hinders her from doing what she truly wants. Aided by a record producer who gives Charlie a chance to record his song, the fates of the two collide. They end up singing together at a masquerade ball performance, the encounter ending with Charlie leaving only his demo CD behind. Will Kadee be successful in her search for her musical match? Watch the story unfold with Nick stars Drake Bell, True Jackson, VP’s Keke Palmer and Victorious’ Avan Jogia. More than just a modern take on the classic Cinderella rags-to-riches story, the one-hour cinematic treat also features a full soundtrack with the coolest and catchiest tunes. Witness Rags bring fairytales to life on August 20 at 11:00am.

If there’s anyone who never gets tired of discovering new things, it’s Dora the Explorer! The latest adventure follows Dora and Boots as they practice for the Fantastic Gymnastics Show, where Dora learns that she’s to start the program upon receiving a beautiful rainbow ribbon. Too bad Swiper swiped it too fast! Not to be outsmarted, Dora and Boots go on a quest to retrieve the precious item by carefully crossing through Crocodile Lake, making it past the Flowery Garden and swinging high to get her rainbow ribbon just in time before the show starts. See how they do at the Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure on August 21 at 10:00am.

Nicksters will surely have a blast with the fantastic line-up of must-watch shows for August. For other highlights, check out!

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